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MarlaCodman1 . Sep 07, 2012 4209 views

do you need to go to college to babysit?

i'm 15 and i love kids. I love how they have so many different personalities....


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Azja D. Dec 08, 2014 766 views

what were some of the required classes in college for majoring in early childhood education?

I'm into being a teacher for younger kids grades k1-4th and i was just wondering the classes that are required to be taken and if you have to also take a course in a subject? #college #teacher #education #classes...


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Mary-Anna H. Sep 01, 2017 527 views

Is it wise to become a teacher?

I am considering becoming a teacher. #teacher #education #careerchoice #help...


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Nicole Kelly O. Dec 18, 2017 533 views

What is the difference in study/job between a Pediatric Nurse and a Pediatrician?

I want to work in Pediatrics, but I don't know what's the difference between a Pediatric Nurse and a Pediatrician. Does one require more schooling? And what does each job does that differ from one another? #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing #pediatrician...


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Kaitlin C. Jan 15, 2018 266 views

Which schools have good psychology masters programs?

I'm going to graduate in a year and need to start thinking about grad school. I'm wondering where to apply. #graduate-school...


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Daniela L. Jan 16, 2018 250 views

I am between pharmacy school or medicine school and I feel I like both careers, how to decide?

I need to decide soon since I have to decide which Kaplan test practice I have to take and I don’t have financial support to take both test preparations #help...


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Jenine J. Jan 19, 2018 265 views
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Jada N. Jun 27, 2018 312 views

I want to be a 5th grade teacher what classes should I take

I want to be a 5th grade teacher what college, and classes should I take? #student #teacher #education #educator...


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Alexandra H. Sep 17, 2018 184 views

How hard is it to manage chronic illness in college?

Hi! I have Autism, ADHD, Depression/Anxiety, chronic pain, artificial #college #education #career #school lenses in my eyes and several other health issues. I'm wondering how hard it is to manage a college workload with these...

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Alnita M. Mar 21, 2019 146 views
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Lily C. Apr 05, 2019 229 views

What is a day in the life of a neonatal surgeon like?

Hello! I was just wondering what the hours are like roughly and how flexible the schedule is. Also do you believe it’s possible to still have time for a family when pursuing such a demanding career. What would you say the best thing about the job is? Thank you for your time #medicine...

#medical-education #doctor #neonatal

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chloe V. Sep 24, 2019 136 views

if my strengths are taking care of babies what careers might fit me

i like playing sports and taking care of babies...