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Lashea Jul 30, 2020 629 views

When choosing a masters program for psychology, what aspect of the program should I focus on to help me decide if its a good fit?

I've been looking into a couple of graduate schools for my particular field and I've come across a lot of great ones, but need help narrowing down my search. #JULY20 #psychology

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Lashea Jul 30, 2020 393 views

What research topics for psychology majors are practical yet interesting? #JULY20#PsychMajor#Bachelors#Masters#PrivatePractice

Hi everyone, my name is Lashea and I am an aspiring family counselor/theraphist! This past year I decided to take a leap of faith and change my major to psychology , lets just say that my journey has gotten a bit more interesting. I love exploring the minds of others, as well as listening to...