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Why did you chose to be a fashion designator? What made you choose that job?

Because I'm a bit interested at fashion. fashion fashion-design

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3 answers

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Maggie’s Answer

Hi Judy!
I chose to become a Fashion Designer because I enjoy creating new things and I love the options for individuality and self expression through clothing. However, the reasons why I have continued to stay in Fashion and continue to follow my creative passions and personal dreams have changed. You really need to ask yourself why? Why do I want to create clothing, is is for me and my friends, is it to be seen and famous, or do you have a much deeper and more meaningful reason. I recently restructured and changed my clothing brand to become sustainable. I realized that all the hours of sewing, cutting, and designing were not worth the few moments of having a model in my designs and then they just take them off and I haven't even made a difference in the world. The industry was just too superficial and imaginary for me and I wanted to be a part of the answer and not the problem. The industry is going through massive changes right now, and Covid-19 is speeding the restructuring up faster and faster and you need to be able to determine how you plan to stand out and make a profit in a heavily saturated and unpredictable industry. I have a new love for the industry now that I am driven to help save the planet in Style!
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Hannah’s Answer

Hi Judy,
I chose to be a fashion designer because I felt like it was the best match career-wise for the artistic and technical skills I had developed at the time when I was looking at colleges. I took all the relevant classes my high school offered - Home Ec, Sewing, and a specific "Fashion Careers" elective, and I did really well at them and enjoyed the process of dreaming up an idea and then executing it, making something that was unique, and showcased my personality.
That being said, the reasons I got into it and the reality of working in fashion are quite different. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of. As a professional, I do not design for myself, or even things that I would wear. Professional designers have to design for the target customer of the brand that they work for. I have found this to be a challenging but rewarding experience, and have become specialized in pattern-making, garment fit, and garment construction, focusing more on those, rather than just design. There are tons of creative jobs in the apparel industry besides just designing the clothes, and you'll find your niche once you get into it.

The best way to start, and learn more about the career path, is to get an internship with a clothing brand, or look into studying fashion or apparel at a university or trade school.
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Sierra’s Answer

I chose to become a fashion designer because it allowed me to express myself creatively. Fashion can be used to make commentary on just about anything that may be going on in the world. As a child I was always sketching and cutting up clothing in my closet and making it into something new. In order to learn more about fashion I signed up for art and design summer programs at the local college, I found a cool after school program where I was able to explore silk screening, and signed up for a sewing class at the local Joann's. I would recommend experimenting on your own with different projects to see if your interest grows. Youtube is also a great resource to learn how to make things.

Once I got into fashion college, I made sure to do internships in different areas of fashion in order to figure out what I wanted to specialize in. I did shoe design, low end womenswear, and high end womenswear.

Also keep in mind that fashion is not all glitz and glam. It requires technical knowledge too. You'll have to learn different body proportions, how to apply measurements, pattern making, uses for different fabrics, etc... It can be hard work to make yourself stand out in a very saturated market. But if you find what makes you unique and stay consistent you may find it rewarding. My favorite moment is seeing my work on a runway or in a magazine and knowing all of the behind the scenes work it took to make it!