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Joliet, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
oriana M.’s Avatar
oriana M. May 31 89 views

What or who keeps you motivated?

What keeps you fulfilled during your work hours ?

Dennis B.’s Avatar
Dennis B. May 03 103 views

Can Culinary Arts become a successful career?

I may have worked a Culinary job at Easterseals Academy,but it was fulfilling for a little while. My cousin works at the Popeyes near her house and she plans to use that job as a stepping stone to working in a fancy restaurant. My dream was to own a restaurant growing up,but now, i'm doubtful...

Francesca C.’s Avatar
Francesca C. Jun 14 120 views

If you attended college. Did the education you received in college, prepare you enough to feel comfortable once you got into the career path you took?

Some people go for advanced training or even just years of college to pursue their careers and I would just like to know if people think its beneficial to have attended college for the career they went into.

Francesca C.’s Avatar
Francesca C. Jun 14 97 views

What are the steps to becoming a midwife?

Are there any tips and or tricks when in the process to becoming a midwife that anybody would give to somebody looking at advancing in this career.

Darien T.’s Avatar
Darien T. May 03 92 views

How far can you go in cement?

Is there a lot of schooling in cement?

Nakene S.’s Avatar
Nakene S. Jun 14 68 views

What will my medium pay be as a construction manager?

As a person who has never worked before, this is my most curious question considering my motives and the goals I want to achieve.

Ishmael C.’s Avatar
Ishmael C. May 03 185 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

centajah S.’s Avatar
centajah S. Jun 13 77 views

How long did it take for you to get were your at?

I asked this question because I would like to know the time frame that I took to get there

Sian C.’s Avatar
Sian C. Apr 19 149 views

Who should I look forward to talking to the most while trying to become a marine engineer?

I just want to know what other positions I will be working with.

Brandon W.’s Avatar
Brandon W. Jun 13 59 views

What is your day to day like in the store?

This gives me perspective on what id have to be okay with doing with my day to make sure things are profitable.

Francesca C.’s Avatar
Francesca C. Jun 14 62 views

What is the atmosphere working being a midwife?

I just want to know if the environment that midwives go through and experience everyday if it will best fit the pace of my work style and if my occupational traits will really align with this specific career within the health care field.

Nicole V.’s Avatar
Nicole V. Jun 10 57 views

How does being a Immigration And Customs inspector affect your regular lifestyle?

Do they prohibit you do do certain stuff? Can you have tattoos/piercings?

kavon N.’s Avatar
kavon N. Jun 02 88 views

What skills would I need to become a Computer Networking Architect?

When I asked this question, I was trying to determine what kind of skills I would need.

Elias R.’s Avatar
Elias R. May 16 112 views

how would i build my own carpentry business?

My dream is to build my own company to build homes and shelters for people who are homeless or who cannot find housing.

centajah S.’s Avatar
centajah S. Jun 13 65 views

To get your job placement, What did you have to do?

It would be helpful for me to know the difference steps it takes to get a job.

daesean S.’s Avatar
daesean S. May 16 105 views

What would be a good way to develop marketing strategies for new products.

how can i be a better leader in marketing when partnering with product development teams

naala R.’s Avatar
naala R. Apr 19 170 views

What are some good positions in culinary that allow you to travel?

I would like to find an occupation that allows to comfortably travel and do my job, preferably at the same time.

Corvon K.’s Avatar
Corvon K. May 31 80 views

How did you go about begin a technology

Im very intersting in technology i would like to know more about it

Corvon K.’s Avatar
Corvon K. May 31 77 views

What is like in life of an technologies

What time do you wake up.what are the people like there. do you fix computer or promgram them.

Kaelan D.’s Avatar
Kaelan D. Jun 10 59 views

When becoming a Police Officer how much did you think you were getting paid?

As a Police officer what salary are you looking for and what did you think your salary was going to be?

Brandon W.’s Avatar
Brandon W. Jun 13 60 views

how quickly can i open a store front.

The only aspect of the fashion world i am missing exp. in is the retail side of things if i could get a greater understanding of what it takes that be amazing.

Nakene S.’s Avatar
Nakene S. Jun 14 77 views

What clothing is appropriate to wear in a construction environment?

I was told back when I was 12 that there are a good amount of safety equipment employees are required to wear in order to prevent accidents.

RAEVOHN C.’s Avatar
RAEVOHN C. May 16 84 views

As an Anesthesiologist Technician how do you deal with stress in fast paced environments?

I would really like to know how anyone in the field of Anesthesiology deal with stress on the job as an Anesthesiologist Technician! I know things can move really fast and take unexpected turns at any moment.

Bria F.’s Avatar
Bria F. May 31 76 views

What do you like most/least about this career as a phlebotomist?

I would like to know more about your perspective on this career.

Precious J.’s Avatar
Precious J. May 31 72 views

What's the best way to find out about jobs in this field (nursing)?

The best way to find out about a job in nursing is to use an job search platform or go to an job fair relating to nursing.

Francesca C.’s Avatar
Francesca C. Jun 14 59 views

How much on average do Midwives make hourly? In bigger areas in Texas, Arizona and or Georgia?

I'm thinking of eventually relocating again and I wanted to get more insight on those specific 3 states and the average on which how much midwives make hourly. Just to weigh my options out and maybe where to consider more to relocating so that i can still live the lifestyle i want in the future.

Bria F.’s Avatar
Bria F. May 31 68 views

What are employers looking for in this career as a phlebotomist?

I want to know what skills, education, and experience employers look for.

Quinton Q.’s Avatar
Quinton Q. Jul 23, 2016 558 views

How much does being decent at a sport affect college admissions?

I'm a decent runner, not the best on my team or in the area, but in the top percents. Could this help me significantly, or is it more dependent of academic ability? And this is for just getting in, not scholarships. #college #sports #college-admissions #high-school

Kaelan D.’s Avatar
Kaelan D. Jun 10 69 views

What are some important things I need to know to becoming a Police Officer?

What do I need to know about becoming a police and what are some steps to becoming a Police Officer?

Cameron T.’s Avatar
Cameron T. Apr 20 160 views

What helps you decide which company to invest in?

What guidelines or hints help you know what companies are any good to invest in?

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