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Ricardo V. Sep 01, 2018

DACA students?

How can I look for financial resources for DACA students for college? #college-advice #daca #accounting...


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Antonio P. May 06, 2018

What is a good major/career path for a current DACA student?

I am currently going into my Junior year of College. I have already received an associates of science degree, and I am pursuing a bachelor's degree. With the uncertainty that has arisen with regards to the future of DACA students, I have put a lot of emphasis on trying to choose the "correct...

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Raul-Sebastian C. Jan 17, 2018

What are my best options if I am currently attending school while on DACA, want to apply to graduate school and or med school but am not sure if I'll still have it by that time?

My DACA expires in two years, my mother is applying for citizenship sometime relatively soon but we are not sure how long that process will take and by that time my DACA may be expired and I'll be extremely limited on what graduate schools and or med schools I can apply to. #medicine #daca...

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Dulcce V. Jan 17, 2018

Is the process to be able to be considered "in-state" be easier for DACA students?

I am a student under DACA. I recently found out that in addition to not qualifying for financial aid, I do not qualify for in-state tuition regardless of how long I've lived in my current state. Is that going to change someday? I would love to finish school. #daca #immigration #college...