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Is the process to be able to be considered "in-state" be easier for DACA students?

I am a student under DACA. I recently found out that in addition to not qualifying for financial aid, I do not qualify for in-state tuition regardless of how long I've lived in my current state. Is that going to change someday? I would love to finish school. #daca #immigration #college #financial-aid

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Angel’s Answer


You are right, many states, especially North Carolina, will not give you in state tuition. This is a struggle for many DACA recipients who are trying to study and complete their secondary education. Although, this will not be changing anytime soon, there are other ways to go around.

First, I recommend that you look into private institutions. Public schools are typically less expensive, but because they are federally supported they will count you as out of state. On the other hand, private institutions, which are typically more expensive, have more wiggle room. In many cases, private institutions will be less expensive for DACA students. Private institutions will count you as in state, will offer their own scholarships, and can work with your families financial situation.

Also, try looking for colleges in "blue states". For example, California offers tremendous help for DACA students. In fact, my brother is currently attending a school in California for around $4,000 per year. Keep in mind we are not from the state of California.

I hope this was helpful, but if you have more questions please ask.