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What should I expect from fashion school?

I'm a first generation college student. I'm nervous going into this career of interest I have knowing I might not love it once I study it for a while. My sewing skills are also not the best but I am eager to learn and try my best.
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3 answers

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Dahyun’s Answer

So cute question because I also though like you when I was university students. My major is Science of Costume, lots of people know about fashion design. During 4 years, I learned as fashion merchandise, fabric design, fashion design, illustration and fashion advertising. So that means can choose diverse job after graduate. So I recommend as below:

1. If you choose diverse classes, choice classes as much as you can. That can make you realize what kind of field you are interested in.
2. In vacation, attend fashion design contest or summer class another fashion institute(like esmod, FIT, Parson, Prat and etc) I also didn't well about sawing. but after attended that contest my sewing skill can improve. And my view is wider.
3.Just make your own portfolio. Search on google "fashion portfolio" you can see another peoples think and skills.
4.Subscribe fashion magazine and check fashion show after season, Designers see lots of thing because creativity is power at field. Also fashion movie is so nice fashion bible.

At the end, set the your own goal and just do it. Finger cross to your future.

Awww thank you so much for replying to this! Eimee D.

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Justin’s Answer

I would say the biggest thing to expect is a high work load! Since each of your courses will involve different aspects of design (drawing, color theory, fabric/textile, pattern-making/draping), you should expect quite a bit of assignments. Each of these will require time and attention, so managing your time will be very important.
Don't worry about where your skills are when you begin, you are there to be taught those things! There will be people in school with you with differing levels of skill and a lot of folks who been working on their skills longer will be happy to help you.
Another piece of advice I would give is to train yourself to not compare your work with others. It can be difficult, but your view as an artist is much more important than if someone is a better sewer or illustrator than you. Your unique view/style is what you are perfecting in school, so protect and honor it!
Lastly, pay attention to your business classes. You can be the best designer in the world, but if you aren't smart about how things sell and what makes a business successful, you won't get far!

Justin recommends the following next steps:

Draw and sketch all the time. You will only get better and better.
Measure and pin, then double check before you sew or you'll need to start all over again.
Don't spend a ton of money on fabric. Go thrifting or get beautiful but cheap textiles!
Get a planner and manage your time!
Keep your head up and trust your instincts.

You made me feel less stress so thank you for that! Ill definitely try to manage my time well and try my best to learn, thank you again! Eimee D.

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Zachary’s Answer

I did not know how to see either and I learned everything from school! I was first generation college who went to SCAD and learned soooo much! Get excited for a lot of new information to learn for the rest of your career! A lot of what you’ll learn is not only going to be physically making garments but how to design based on trend and apply that to a real life career.