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How is this world going to look like in the future?

As many know phones, laptops, iPads, apps, and other technologies have changed the present and past, but what are some technologies that may change lives in the future?

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5 answers

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Ro’s Answer

There are some great answers provided here already.
Since you started talking about the future of tech, one area that is experiencing exponential growth in research and application is AI. Artificial Intelligence will become a daily part of all tech that we use soon - from how we interact with our phone, to how future fridges will let us know what we need to purchase. We can already see how AI has been influencing the advertisements we get just by the sites we visit, but AI will be incorporated into tech we use daily such as automobiles (self driving?), drone delivery, and predictions for the stock market, sports, and weather. It will be interesting to see how future tech will utilize AI.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Janki,

Technology is ever evolving and harder to predict than ever. However, I do believe that we will continue to see the integration of objects onto the Internet of Things. We will see more objects become tied to the internet, with notifications via text or app for things as simple as the light in the refrigerator is going to go out soon. The smallest elements in our lives will be able to reach out and indicate that they are soon going to need maintenance or repair. As a person who has a car built in 2008, I still have not taken full advantage of having the status of every element in my car being able to notify me of pending maintenance need. I believe that our homes and many items inside will be able to do the same thing. I believe that the possibilities to improve the lives of people with disabilities in still in its early phases as well.

Are you looking to get into a field where you can be on the leading edge of technology? If you have that kind of vision, I would encourage you to explore many subjects, not just the tools on how to create technology. Learn a lot about medicine if you want to advance medicine, for example.

Good luck on your future endeavors.

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Florence’s Answer

Hello Janki,

I hope you are stay safe and healthy.

I believe the most evolution will be in the PSY-TEC, meaning the Psy Technology. Some new startups are working on algorithms to help you define your mission in life, and also algorithm to find what will be the best job for you. The way it works: you answer a list of questions and the algorithm determines what you will be good at or what you is your desire in term of harmony of life.
Employers might ask you to take these tests to determine if you fit in your job.
With Covid-19 every one reevaluate their life and priorities and sometime want to change or have to change their situations. These tools are going to be the new trend.



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Joseph’s Answer

There are 2 perspectives to this question the physical and the Spiritual. Those who believe in a natural world focus on digital progress, while those who believe the focus on the scriptures. The digital world sees progress to see prosperity the spiritual sees catastrophe in apocalyptic proportions. Eventually, one the two will emerge as the truth of the future

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Jasmine’s Answer

Hi Janki!
Great question! Technology is always changing, if you look at the macbook from ten years ago compared to today they are completely different. This is mostly due to the needs of the community changing often. I believe with COVID-19 technology will take another rise considering we are not able to do all that we could even a few months ago. You should research some of the cool things robots are doing right now!

Hope this helps