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Career Questions tagged Stylist

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Jason H. Oct 05, 2021 99 views
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Rachel C. Jul 18, 2020 200 views

How do you become an established food stylist?

I don't really have an idea as to what type of training a food stylist needs. Do they need to go through culinary school like any other chef? Is there specific licensing or specialized schooling for food styling? food stylist hollywood films tvproductions movies...


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Rachel C. Jul 18, 2020 1069 views

What does the typical work day of a food stylist look like?

My friend informed me of this profession a couple of months ago and I've pondered a lot about it because it sounds like a fun and intriguing job. food stylist hollywood films tvproductions movies...


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Eriana F. Nov 03, 2015 763 views

With fashion is it more hands on or online ?

i want to dress models and want to do hands on,i wouldn't mind styling a Manichean online . fashion...


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MarissaCodman1 . Sep 07, 2012 1437 views

What steps are necessary for me to become a Fashion Consultant or personal fashion designer?

I am interested in becoming a fashion designer and i would like to know what steps i should take to be successful in a major like this. fashion...


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TashinaCodman1 . Jan 17, 2012 3935 views

What post-secondary school educational requirements are there to become a hair stylist?

[This question was merged from original questions found below] (A) How many courses must you take to become a hair stylist? (B) If you are a hair stylist and you want to take 1 college class is there a possibility for you to work in a job? (C) If you are in a four-year college bachelor's...

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