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Rachel C. Jul 18, 2020 106 views

How do you become an established food stylist?

I don't really have an idea as to what type of training a food stylist needs. Do they need to go through culinary school like any other chef? Is there specific licensing or specialized schooling for food styling? #food #stylist #hollywood #films #tvproductions #movies...


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Rachel C. Jul 18, 2020 298 views

What does the typical work day of a food stylist look like?

My friend informed me of this profession a couple of months ago and I've pondered a lot about it because it sounds like a fun and intriguing job. #food #stylist #hollywood #films #tvproductions #movies...


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Laniah L. Jan 12, 2018 221 views

What types of careers should i explore if i want to become a actress when i grow up?

I'm asking because i want to be on the right path to succeed in my career. #hollywood #acting...


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Pharaoh F. Jan 22, 2018 968 views

what colleges have good drama/theater programs ?

I play soccer it's extremely hard to get a soccer scholarship anyways, I've maintained an A in theater all of my high school years and starred in many plays when I was younger and plan too do so currently in my junior year....


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Vanessa M. Feb 14, 2014 1659 views

What jobs can I get into in the movie industry if I don't want to be an actress?

Hello! I love movies, and I want to be part of making movies, but I don't want to be an actress. What kind of jobs should I look into, and how can I get started? Thank you very much for your advice - it'll really help me figure out how to get started! #acting #movies...