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How to become a good fashion designer?

I can describe myself as a hard worker because when I have a goal I try my best to get it done.
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Tanya’s Answer

There are fashion majors and fashion schools, you can think about applying. You need to learn the technical part of designing such as patternmaking, construction, color and merchandising. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are very key these days in fashion design. Would strongly recommend to learn Adobe programs and 3D design is school. Obviously having work experience is by far the best way to learn about fashion design. Internships were key for me in learning how a fashion company works and how Designers execute their product. It is a good way to learn in a team environment while you learn the techniques in school.
If you are majored in school for fashion design, please apply for internships and if you go to a Fashion School make sure to network and apply to school/work programs. Social Media is also very key in fashion. It's good to follow trends and keep in tuned with fashion news and fashion influence in social media.