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i wanted to be classical dancer? which inistitue is good?

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i am interested in dancing, i wanted to be great dancer #musician #actress #dancer

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HINOOK was put into training in creative dance when she was only
3 years old at MAMATA SHANKAR BALLET TROUP by her parents
with deep musical interests. After 11 years of practicing creative dance,
JHINOOK realised her passion for the classical dance form
BHARATNATYAM. It has been a rather pleasant journey for Jhinook,
paving her way through the avenues of 'BHAVA', RAGA'. and 'TALA',
under the subline shadow of the maestro GURU SMT. THANKAMANI KUTTY.

Working Experience
Worked for 1 year in New Hope Montessori House from March'01 to March "02.
Worked for 3 years in Mini School Montessori and Green Field Academy from March'02 to August '05
Organized a School Concert at Mini School Montessori in 2005.
Worked in Delhi Public School (DPS), Kolkata as an Assistant Teacher from 2005 to 2009.
Working as a Dance Teacher in Cambridge International.
Working as a Dance Teacher in Lycee.
Working as Dance Teacher in South Point High School.

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Below links might help you to decide




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Top 10 Best Bharatanatyam (Classical) Dance Schools in Chennai

The Best Bharatanatyam Classes in Chennai are located mostly located around Mylapore, but most classes are not taught by professional. Bharatnatyam classes in Chennai have played a vital role in the preservation of the classical dance art.While Kalashetra teaches the classical form and is celebrated as the worlds''s best classical dance institute, not everyone can afford to learn from the academy.

Bharatanatyam classes located in your neighborhood should come as the first choice. Though dance classes are conducted mostly three days a week, students spend many years before they master the art. With increasing traffic, getting to the classes are very difficult even if you stay few kilometers from the dance school.

Most Bharatanatyam school insist 100% attendance as even missing few classes can affect your learning curve especially during the early stages. Chennai and the Bharatanatyam Connection Chennai,which is often hailed as the Cultural capital of south India is home to the best Bharatanatyam schools in the world. Bharatanatyam as a dance form has gained significance among westerners who are attracted to the cultural diversity of India.

The famous institute Kalashetra stands tall as the torch bearer of the classical dance form which is counted as the pioneer in teaching the most authentic form of Bharatanatyam . Quite recently one the students from Kalasehtra was featured in the Hollywood superhit film, The Life of Pi. Many of the world''s famous Bharatanatyam have their roots in Chennai.

Some of the most popular movie stars who became famous in bollywood for their Bharatanatyam skills including vyjayanthimala,Padmini, Sridevi and Hema Malini had learnt Bharatanatyam in their childhood from eminent Gurus in Chennai. But it was Rukmini Devi who put Chennai in the world map as the Bharatanatyam capital of the world.

The Association of Bharatanatyam Dancers of India is also head quartered in Chennai. Here are the Top 10 Best Bharatanatyam Classes in Chennai which have become popular among classical dance enthusiasts around the world.

#1 Kalashetra

Kalashetra is perhaps the only classical dance institute in India which still teaches the art of Bharatanatyam in the traditional Gurukulam setting. Besides being traditional it boasts all the good things brought by technology that complement the classical dance of Bharatanatyam.

Located in a huge campus in the central business district of Chennai, the dance school was founded by the famous Bharatanatyam dancer of the 20th Century, Mrs. Rukmini Devi Arundale. Established in 1936, the dance academy stands pride as the pioneering school teaching the classical art for in its utmost purity. It is recognised by the Indian Parliament as an “Institute of National Importance”.


Visitors - 8.00 am - 11.00 am

Entrance Fee - INR 50 for Indians & INR 200 for Foreigners

Address & Contact:

Kalakshetra Foundation, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041

Phone: +91-44-24524057, +91-44-24520836 .

Fax: +91-44-24524359

#2 Radhika Shurajit (Thrayee School of Bharatanatyam)

Radhika Shurajit is a very popular name in many households which has someone passionate about Bharatanatyam . Her program “Thaka Dhimi Tha” is aired by Jaya TV for over 10 years. She had performed and choreographed many dance programs all over the world.

The Thrayee School of Bharatanatyam is the only place where she conducts regular classes and accepts serious learners.


Plot No 2 Jayaram Avenue, Shastri Nagar, Adayar,Chennai – 600020

Phone: 98410-84599 / 044-2491 1544

Website: www.radhikashurajit.com

#3 Kalarpana by Ms.Shobana

Ms. Shobana is a leading dancer, actor and teacher who had dedicated most of her life to Bharatanatyam . Besides starring with all the superstars in south India, she had kept her passion for dance alive throughout the years of many successes and failures.

Recommended mostly for girls, the institute accepts students from 5 years of age. Scholarships are given on the form of tuition fee waivers for those who exhibit excellent passion and performance over a prolonged period of time consistently. Short term courses are not encouraged.


No.15, Sriman Srinivasan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Phone: 9282401135

#4 Kala Sadhanalaya

Revathi Ramachandran’s Kala Sadhanalaya is the most sought among the reputed Bharatanatyam institutions in Chennai. Trained by Mangudi Dorairaja Iyer, she mastered the art of Bharatanatyam as well as Suddha Nrittam (Tala or sound patterns Mridangam in tandem or sync with foot).

Started in 1987, the institution has trained hundreds of students from across the globe. Noted students who went on to become famous include Dhivya Subramaniyam, Sridharini Sridharan and Manasvini

Address & Contact:

SRI RAM APARTMENTS New no 80, Old no 196 A, St. Mary''s Road, Abhiramapuram,Chennai - 600 018

Phone: 91- 44 - 2499 75 97 / 2499 64 75

#5 Kala Pradarshini

Kala Pradarshini was founded in 1998 by the veteran Bharatanatyam dancer Smt Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala. Trained by Kalaimamani Smt.Krishnakumari Narendran, she went on to become a perfectionist with a passion for the art and admired by the most famous fellow dancers of her times.

After performing in most of the finest sabhas and stages around the world, she started teaching the art for the young generation. The institute has produced some of the best Bharatanatyam performers of the 21st century. Located in the Posh Poes garden area, please check the fees before joining.

Address & Contact

No 18, Poes Road,
1st Street, Teynampet,
Chennai 600018,

Phone : 91 44 2432 1166.

#6 Sri Sai Natyalayam

Sri Sai Natyalayam was founded by Natya Chelvam Nattuvamar Stalwart Guru Mayavaram Sri.M.S.Ramaswamy Pillai in the year 1950. It is one of the institutions which took classical music and dance to the masses.

The institution which trains about 300 students at any point of time is open to all and charges nominal fees. Unlike other institutions which have limitations on age and other factors, the institute accepts students of all ages irrespective of the background.

Address & Contact:

Sri Sai Natyalayam
Institute & H.O. No:1/8,
Gowri Colony, (Near Macmillan Colony),
Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061.

Phone:+91-44- 2224 8374

#7 Shantharasa

Shantharasa is one of the most preferred classical bharatanatyam dance schools in Chennai. The dance and music institute caters to students of all ages and aims in developing the artistic talents with its many courses.

Bharatanatyam classes are conducted under the supervision of the famous bharatanatyam dancer Vidhyalakshmi Manikandan. At Shantarasa, individual attention is given to students to make sure all aspects and qualities of Bharatanatyam is completely understood by the student and practised as such.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 9962037222 / 9962038222

Skype Id: Shantharasa

#8 shivakalalayam

Shivakalalayam offers three year diploma programme in Bharatanatyam. Located in Thiruvanmiyur not very far from the world famous classical dance institute Kalashetra, the institute offers three classes every week.

Timings are flexible as long as there are many students in the batch. Besides conducting classes from its dance studio in Thiruvanmiyur, the institute conducts on campus dance classes in the following schools
4.WAVE DANCE SCHOOL, Kottivakkam

Address & Contact:


Guru Shri. S.Shivakumar, Mobile No. 94447 97714

#9 ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Dancers of India)

ABHAI was founded by Guru K.N. Pakkirisami Pillai in 1987. Besides serving as a welfare association for Bharatanatyam artists in India, ABHAI conducts monthly and annual taught by leading Bharatanatyam artists. Though these classes are not suitable for beginners, experienced dancers can learn innovative dance items from a expert.

The workshops last for a fortnight which has classes conducted by the likes of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam and by Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali.

Address & Contact:

Narada Gana Sabha Premises, 2nd Floor,
245, TTK Road, Chennai 600 018

Website: www.abhai.org.in

#10 Kalalaya Art Academy

Kalalaya Art Academy is a professional classical dance school. Classes are scheduled 4 days a week, three classes on evenings between 5pm – 6pm and one class on Sunday morning between 9 am – 10 am.

All the classes are conducted by experienced dancers. Besides training, students get a chance to perform in programs in front of an audience. Special classes are conducted on request besides regular schedule. Students are advised to adhere to rules and regulations to get most out of the classes.

Address & Contact:

Kalalayaa Art Academy
1, 2nd Floor,
100ft Bye Pass Road,
Velachery, Chennai-600 042.

Mobile : +91 98408 77546

Landline: 044 4303 6546

For more information please refer to the link below

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