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How do singers, models, and/or dancers get noticed?

I am asking this question because once you made it , its hard to get to the top and get noticed fast. entertainment singing modeling dancer dancing model signer

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4 answers

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Tracy’s Answer

Hi Abril

Are you seeking fame? Are you trying to get an agent? 'Getting Noticed" is a broad ask.

If you are wanting to rise to the top and be noticed as The Best in your field, that can be elusive. You need to be exceptionally talented and well-trained and you need some luck thrown in there as well.

A career in the Entertainment Industry isn't what most people think. It is not something that happens overnight and the reasons that someone becomes famous involve more than just talent and beauty.

I have many, many friends who are successful models, actors, singers, dancers and musicians. This is what they do for a living and they are all exceptionally talented and fiercely hardworking. None of them are 'famous' beyond their small followings or maybe a few thousand people. All of them have agents and managers.

They have found their management teams in various ways; one of them was discovered by a manager at her first audition in New York for a Web Series. One of them was able to be seen by the top Broadway Casting Office because she had worked with a choreographer who was present at an audition she attended, and he had a connection to the Casting Director. Some of them have just busted their buts and done enough work to be seen by Casting Directors and be hired.

The truth is that being successful in the Entertainment Industry takes extremely hard work, dedication and a thick skin. You have to be willing to be rejected 10 times for every one time you are hired, or called back.

For a really good insight into the reality of the Modeling World I recommend reading books by Marie P Anderson (she discovered Cindy Crawford) (cut and paste the link) and others that she's written.

A great book on how to survive as an actor in NYC is The New York Agent's Guide by K Callan. I recommend finding the latest edition, which I believe is the 10th.

Nowadays, with social media, it is entirely possible to write, produce and star in your own vehicle and to be noticed by hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Think of all the famous You Tubers.

Getting 'noticed fast' is more the exception than the rule. If you really want to have a career in the Industry you just need to work extremely hard.

If you just want to get famous, think of the most outrageous act you can commit legally in public, record it and post it on social media and see if it gets picked up. I DO NOT recommend this if you want to have any kind of career that lasts.

Best of Luck!
Hi Tracy: This is very good information. Thank you for sharing the tips. Sheila Jordan
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Archana’s Answer


All the form of art that you have mentioned in your question are directly related to the talent one possesses. However, there are certain approaches that help getting noticed or being famous as a singer, dancer or model.

2. Be creative
3. Study achievers in your chosen field
4. Locate people who can help you
5. Market yourself.

Hope this helps.

Archana Jain

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Tammy’s Answer

One way to get noticed is to post your performances on social media. Another way is to perform live at open mica. A third way is to attend events and network and get to know people and attend their performances...people remember who came out to support them!

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WaConda’s Answer

I’d recommend, staying on top of your craft. Never give up! Keep training, practicing and perfecting your skills. practicemakesperfect Stay humble. Surround yourself with people that you trust, love, support your business, dreams and goals. Pay attention to your surroundings and advice that you are given.

Hi WaConda: This is very good advice. Thank you for sharing your tips. Sheila Jordan