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Career Questions tagged Choreography

Tina’s Avatar
Tina May 06, 2020 1227 views

Should I keep dance only a hobby or a career?

I am a dancer since the age of 5, I have been in several dance classes, and dance troupes. I am studying in a Bachelor of Education but I do not want to teach dance to little kids. If I were to teach dance I would prefer to teach it to people my age and who enjoy dancing and being in touch with...

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Apr 12, 2018 876 views

How Did You Figure Out What Your Dream Job Was?

I'm a high school senior who has wanted to be a veterinarian ever since middle school, but after shadowing every veterinarian in my area, I realized that I did not want to be a veterinarian anymore. Since then, I have changed my "career path" numerous times. I thought I wanted to be a wildlife...

Calissa’s Avatar
Calissa Apr 06, 2018 932 views

im thinking about being a dance choreographer, but im not sure if they get paid enough...

i have been dancing for a long time, and i enjoy it a lot and consider doing it as my job,... but i am not sure if its the job that will provide enough money for me and my family. what should i do? #dance-education #dancer #choreography

Coogie’s Avatar
Coogie Jan 16, 2018 722 views

What classes in highschool should I take in order to be a musical choreographer.

I would like to be a musical theatre choreographer for shows and performances. #theatre #musical-theatre #dance #choreography #performing-arts #high-school-classes

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed May 23, 2016 1125 views

How do I become a film choreographer?

im a good dancer #actors # #film #art #fine-art #film-production #dance #choreography

Nithya.s’s Avatar
Nithya.s Apr 27, 2016 904 views

How do I become a choreographer?

Also I want to go in acting #choreography #acting #dance

Sdancy13NFTEBOSS’s Avatar
Sdancy13NFTEBOSS Jan 19, 2012 2451 views

How do you go about choosing the type of career that you want to do?

I'm having a problem with choosing the type of career I want to engage in. Im very talented; love choreographing, singing, fashion (designing) , accountant. It's just hard to choose when I love to do so many things. Some days I want to open my own boutique, then other days I want to be an...