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Tina Y. May 06 183 views

Should I keep dance only a hobby or a career?

I am a dancer since the age of 5, I have been in several dance classes, and dance troupes. I am studying in a Bachelor of Education but I do not want to teach dance to little kids. If I were to teach dance I would prefer to teach it to people my age and who enjoy dancing and being in touch with...

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Coogie B. Jan 16, 2018 301 views

What classes in highschool should I take in order to be a musical choreographer.

I would like to be a musical theatre choreographer for shows and performances. #theatre #musical-theatre #dance #choreography #performing-arts...


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Bridget W. Apr 12, 2018 436 views

How Did You Figure Out What Your Dream Job Was?

I'm a high school senior who has wanted to be a veterinarian ever since middle school, but after shadowing every veterinarian in my area, I realized that I did not want to be a veterinarian anymore. Since then, I have changed my "career path" numerous times. I thought I wanted to be a wildlife...

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Calissa P. Apr 06, 2018 405 views

im thinking about being a dance choreographer, but im not sure if they get paid enough...

i have been dancing for a long time, and i enjoy it a lot and consider doing it as my job,... but i am not sure if its the job that will provide enough money for me and my family. what should i do? #dance-education #dancer...


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Nithya.s S. Apr 27, 2016 561 views
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Sdancy13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 2022 views

How do you go about choosing the type of career that you want to do?

I'm having a problem with choosing the type of career I want to engage in. Im very talented; love choreographing, singing, fashion (designing) , accountant. It's just hard to choose when I love to do so many things. Some days I want to open my own boutique, then other days I want to be an...

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