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How do I become a film choreographer?

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Check out these occupation profiles at: https://www.onetonline.org/find/quick?s=Film+Choreographer. They will outline the education, training, skills, and knowledge you will need in order to meet your career goal. You can also find colleges that offer certificate and/or degree programs that offer academic programs that lead to your intended career. Esther Landin

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You should start with something. Something as in something small. There are a lot of dancers who join dance academy of a known professional just to see how every thing works out (Analysis purpose). At the same time you need keep yourself updated with the competitions and talent hunts taking place within the country and abroad too (if you want too). working hard for these competitions will certainly give you edge and provide more exposure to the world. you might as well be making more contacts. keep in touch with them because if you want to be in film line, you need to make good connections (lots and lots). Perhaps it will lead your journey to become a successful film choreographer.