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Is it possible to go out of the country during summer break while training for the army/air force?

My friend wants to know in the future in the case that he actually decides to go into the army, is he allowed to go out of the country while in training? #army #us-army-military #united-states-army

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2 answers

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Carla’s Answer

When I joined the Army, there were 3 main phases. The first phase was basic training. In this phase, you will not be allowed to leave the base at all, unless for emergency leave, such as in the death of a close relative. After basic training, you enter the second phase: Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Depending on the location, you may have rights on the weekend to go off post, but you will not be allowed to leave the general area. After AIT training, there is a short period between AIT and transitioning to your third phase, which is your permanent duty station. You will have an opportunity to take military leave between AIT and your permanent station. While on vacation, it is possible that if this person wants to travel out of the country, he/she should be allowed to do so as long as the country isn't on the list of countries Americans can't visit. It is very rare that a recruit will be allowed to travel out of the country while in training.

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suraj’s Answer

The Air Force Technical School Phase Program consists of five phases. As airmen advance in each phase, they are given more privileges. The Phase Program begins on the day the recruit arrives at the technical school and (in most cases) ends when an airman graduates technical training and proceeds to their first permanent duty assignment.

The standards are laid out in Air Education and Training Command Instruction (AETCI) 36-2216, Administration of Military Standards and Discipline Training. The directive allows technical school wing and group commanders to request a waiver of portions of these standards, to make them more strict.

While such waivers are rare, your particular technical school may have an approved one, and thereby the phase restrictions may be slightly more restrictive.

Thank you! Kemi L.