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Career Questions tagged Psychmajor

Namita’s Avatar
Namita Apr 01, 2021 298 views

What will make me stand out if I want to be accepted as a Psych major?

I'm a junior in high school right now. I'm looking to get accepted as a psych or counseling psych major, hopefully at UT Austin, but what are some things that I can do that would make me stand out and have a higher chance of being accepted? (at University of Austin, University of Houston, or...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Feb 23, 2021 970 views

B.A. in Psychology + Associates in Business Management

Hi! Currently, I am obtaining an Associates's degree in Business Management from my community college before transferring into a university for a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I see that in the United States, people are especially discouraging of Psychology undergraduates in a business...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Dec 01, 2020 984 views

Is it realistic to work in business fields with a Psychology degree?

I love studying psychology and find that it can help me move forward into becoming a clinical psychologist or academic counselor after undergrad. I find that a degree in psychology may be pretty versatile and would like to use it to explore careers in business as well. I plan on taking business...

Tatum’s Avatar
Tatum Aug 14, 2018 297 views

How long does it normally take for someone with a doctorate in Psychology to find a job?

I'm starting to worry about finding a well-paying job when I obtain my doctorate in Psychology. The end goal is to start my own practice, but I'd like to be more knowledgeable about the timeline of these events. #psychmajor