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Can I major in Psychology and become a Pediatrician?

I am a Senior High school and I am super excited about working with patients. however I am having trouble figuring out if a Psychology major can become a Pediatrician. And I'm afraid if there will be a problem in the future. Please help meeeeee!!! #psychologymajor #pediatrician #premed

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Hey Rosalie, coming from a current psychology undergrad who considered a career in nursing, I would advise being very intentional with your course planning! There are likely some pre-requisites for most med schools that your psych major won't necessarily cover, so you will need to take some additional biology and anatomy courses. You may want to consider a minor or double major to get those covered! Try to see if there is a pre-health advisor at your school that can give you more information specific to your undergrad school and potential med schools.
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