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Can I major in Psychology and become a Pediatrician?

I am a Senior High school and I am super excited about working with patients. however I am having trouble figuring out if a Psychology major can become a Pediatrician. And I'm afraid if there will be a problem in the future. Please help meeeeee!!! #psychologymajor #pediatrician #premed

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3 answers

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Oia’s Answer

Hey Rosalie, coming from a current psychology undergrad who considered a career in nursing, I would advise being very intentional with your course planning! There are likely some pre-requisites for most med schools that your psych major won't necessarily cover, so you will need to take some additional biology and anatomy courses. You may want to consider a minor or double major to get those covered! Try to see if there is a pre-health advisor at your school that can give you more information specific to your undergrad school and potential med schools.

Hey Rosalie, I am a psychology major with an Associate's in Community Health. So I took biology, anatomy, etc. You should meet with your college adviser to be sure you can major in psychology. Maybe you can minor in biology or if not, minor in psych? I would also check with the school/program you plan to attend after you finish your phd. You will love psychology and you will do great. Good luck!!! Elizabeth Demalija

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Josie Ann’s Answer

Hi Rosalie!
My name is JosieAnn. I am still a student. My dream is to work with mental health patients in the occupational therapy field. This part of this field is bearly breaking open. I have a background in teaching children art, and mopping floors, along with an AA in general studies with a focus in occupational therapy, human development, and physical therapy. I COMPLETELY agree with the advice to focus on multiple majors and pre-requisites. If you do this there's no way you won't be covered. I did this by going to for certificates first. let's change the job market for the future generations. You GO Girl!
Good luck to you
Josie Ann

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Mary’s Answer

Hello Rosalie,

You have been given some excellent advice! As a psychology professor and mentor, I will advise you further. Medical school requires many prerequisite courses like biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, etc. It would be wise to follow Oia's excellent advice and speak to a well-trained advisor about the best steps to prepare for medical school. Obtaining a minor in psychology or a double major could be a very viable option. But I ask this question: why psychology?

You see, you can gain lots of insight into psychology by taking psychology classes as your electives for your major in pre-medicine. This could prevent you from spending an additional year or so in school completing an additional major.

Best of luck to you!

Professor Galloway, ABD

Mary recommends the following next steps:

Check course requirements for medical school
Check if your undergraduate degree will offer various psychology courses as electives