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How do I pay for college once i get in

I got in to Jarivis but I have no Idea how to pay
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Hi Tranautica! I think this thread might be helpful to you: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/66508/how-will-i-pay-for-college Abby Lupi

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2 answers

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Carolyn’s Answer

Start by applying for FAFSA. The website is ttps://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa. Most people will receive some sort of aid through their school after filling that out. After you receive your financial aid package from your school, you can decide if you need more aid or if are comfortable with paying the rest of whatever you owe. If you still need help just go to your school's financial aid office and they help you come up with some sort of plan to help you with your financial needs. They want to help you and keep you there so they are usually very happy to assist you.

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Laura’s Answer

First thing I would do is apply for the FAFSA. It is the federal student aid from the department of education. You will be asked a lot of personal information questions based on your parents income to provide an amount of aid depending on the expected family contribution to your education. October 1, 2018 was the first day to apply for this upcoming year of Fall 2019. FAFSA will decide whether to give you federal grants or/and offer you student loans. I would also recommend talking to a guidance counselor on local and state resources available for you. Good luck!

(The website is: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa)