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Career Questions tagged Process

Rebekah W.’s Avatar
Rebekah W. Apr 21, 2018 356 views

How can I best #pursue #specializing in an area of #occupational therapy?

My aim for a career is occupational therapy. I also am intrigued by specializing in it. I would like to know if there is an efficient, direct process by which I can follow as a guideline in order to achieve this....


Emily G.’s Avatar
Emily G. Oct 19, 2016 852 views

Do I have to reapply or resubmit fafsa applications each year I attend college?

I'm going to need financial aid, and hopefully the process will be simple! financial-services fafsa...


Santiago Z.’s Avatar
Santiago Z. Oct 22, 2015 1289 views

What is the writing process for people who are actual authors?

Hello I am a 6th grader and I have always enjoyed writing and I am considering it for a career, but the thing that I always struggle with is making a rough draft or planning to the final copy. So I ask is the writing process the same in school or is it different when you actually write a book?...

writing process author

Ricky D.’s Avatar
Ricky D. Apr 08, 2014 897 views

If you want to become a novelist, what kind of networks and skills do you need in order to one day get published by a well known company?

Its always been a dream of mine to be a well known writer, so knowing the steps that I need to take to make this dream a reality would be really beneficial. writing english skills books...