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How long does it take to become a veterinarian technician?

I love animals and I want to be able to work with them. #animal-health #veterinary-technician #animal-work #animal

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1 answer

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Shawn’s Answer

There is not a single answer to this question because the length of time to complete the required courses depends on the student’s career goals, and sometimes the time lengths vary depending on what types of animals the student wants to be qualified to work with.

If a student is seeking a basic degree as a Vet Tech and can attend school full time then the answer is about two years. However, if a student cannot attend school full time, the length of time to complete this type of degree is based upon how much time a student does have to devote to completing their courses. Of course the less time they have to complete courses, the greater amount of time it will take to complete the entire degree program.

For a higher degree, such as a bachelor’s degree, the time to complete the required courses is four years, if the student can attend school full time. If they cannot attend full time, of course the length of time will be considerably longer.

Some students decide to take an overload of classes along with summer classes, and when they do so they can sometimes complete a Vet Tech degree program in less time than they would be able to if they completed them on a standard full time schedule. So, it is safe to say that a student can complete a Vet Tech associate program in less than two years if they have the time to do so.