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Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Jul 21, 2016 1242 views

What is the best approach in job seeking given that most of hired jobs are not publicized but through internal networking?

Many people have been in the situation of getting no response when applying for jobs online. The truth is, although the Internet can be effective in finding employment, networking remains the best way to find a job. #networking #social-networking

Nayah’s Avatar
Nayah May 24, 2016 1784 views

I am interested also in PR public relations career. What type of degree will this be under and what type of job will I look for under PR

Want more information for public relation degree and career information. Where are the best location for public relations jobs #business #entertainment #public-relations

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 02, 2016 2658 views

Can you work in the FBI and still go to school?

I want to be both an FBI agent and a forensic pathologist; however, it takes about 13 years to become a forensic pathologist. Is it possible or realistic to work as an agent while still going to school to be an M.E.? (Medical Examiner) #college #medicine #forensic #federal-agent

Lenira’s Avatar
Lenira May 19, 2015 15269 views

What major should I study for career in Network Security?

I am a junior at Madison Park T.V. High School, I'm in the ISSN(Information Services Support Network). I'm interested in working with computers and keeping it secure, I want to major on Network Security and I'm not sure what major I need to study in college to proceed on my career....

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri May 02, 2016 1060 views

how to choose a career ?

What will be correct , which way shall i choose. which is now mostly moving courses in colleges ? Kindly help me #computer #3d-modeling #mac

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 02, 2016 1747 views

What is a forensic psychologist?

I've been trying to look it up, but basically everything I find is written in a more professional manner/harder vocabulary words in which I don't understand. If you could please explain it to me in a way easier for high school students to interpret I would be highly thankful. #medicine #law...

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Jun 05, 2015 2165 views

What kind of careers can I get in the technology field?

I am in 9th grade and I have a tech class that I like a lot. I was thinking about careers and wanted to know what kind of careers there are in that field. I am good with computers and I have 8 Microsoft certifications. #technology #tech

Maitlin’s Avatar
Maitlin May 24, 2016 1490 views

How does one get involved in the creation of video games?

I've always loved video games, not only as a way to take my mind off of stress, but also as a form of interactive media that can bring people together. The unique experiences and lessons I've learned from video games have helped me so much in life, that I want to do the same for others, even if...

zhengyu’s Avatar
zhengyu Jun 13, 2016 1124 views

Where can I get a good chances to learn more tech about the C++ ?

I'm a college student, my major is Internet and Information Technology. Bc I want to be a gaming designer or development That's why I really want to have more experience in C++ area. But my school only have one C++ classes for my major to get the degree. there are other two C++ classes in my...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 19, 2016 955 views

Do you think these two majors are a good combo?

I'm going into computer science and computer art. My endgame is to make video games. #science #computer

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 30, 2016 975 views

What is sound engineering, and how to become one?

Would like to know what to study to become a sound engineer. #sound-editing

Peter’s Avatar
Peter May 18, 2016 1565 views

My question is, Why college? Is a tech degree enough?

I am really curious to see what you all have to say #degree #help

Anina’s Avatar
Anina Aug 02, 2016 948 views

How do you get scholarships?

I applied for 30+ scholarships in my senior year of high school, and never won any of them. I'm wondering if there are any tips or tricks you know to get scholarships.

David Ohta’s Avatar
David Aug 02, 2016 2607 views

Where/what companies should a second year college student look to in order to find summer internships in consulting?

I'm a second year student majoring in English/Economics at Stanford University, and I'm interested in learning more about consulting/figuring out if its a good professional fit for me. #business #consulting #business-analysis #management-consulting

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Feb 07, 2015 3665 views

What are some better alternatives to ITT Tech's school of drafting and design?

In the past few weeks I have had a lot of time to consider both my interest and my options. I’ve taken the time to look at local schools and programs that they offer. The first thing I’ve decided is that I want to do something that allows me to use my creativity. the thing that has caught my...