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North Carolina, USA

yurady’s Avatar
yurady May 11, 2021 240 views

what do i have to study to be a radiology?

i want to be a radiology #radiology

Khalil’s Avatar
Khalil May 06, 2016 474 views

What does a software engineer do

Because I'm concerned and wanted to see wassup #engineer

Barry’s Avatar
Barry May 06, 2016 364 views

What schools are good for this career?

I'm interested in what schools #engineer

Maasia’s Avatar
Maasia Nov 02 232 views

What is the best major to do in undergrad?

Hey, my name is Ma'Asia Bastfield I am a senior at Garingr high school. what I want to major in undergrad is forensic science and minor in per-law maybe I really don't know.

What is the best major to do when going to undergrad trying to be a lawyer?

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Nov 21 126 views

Which major is better for the study of Asian Languages???

Hello, I am currently thinking about what I am going to be majoring in. I would like to be able to learn Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, etc.). I have done some research and I see there are so many options to choose from. I could major in Korean, Japanese, Asian Studies, or Linguistics. I am...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 02 170 views

What country is more in tune with science, biology, etc?

What country is more in tune with science, biology, etc?

Lanadia’s Avatar
Lanadia Nov 02 144 views

What does it take to become a social worker or therapist?. Do I have to Pick one and cant do both? Which college is best in the area of social workers and pyscology?.

What does it take to become a social worker or therapist?. Do I have to Pick one and cant do both? Which college is best in the area of social workers and pyscology?.

braian’s Avatar
braian Nov 02 238 views

What are the pros and cons of going to College?

I'm curious on whether i should go to college or drop out.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Apr 12, 2020 3630 views

How hard is it to become a doctor? Is the job the same for every physician?

#doctor #medicine #physician

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie Oct 30 303 views

Architecture as a Career Option?

What does a architect do in a day? Do your art skills have to be good? How strong do your interpersonal skills need to be? Is the job stressful, and if so why?

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie Oct 29 197 views

Data Analytics as a Career Option?

What do data analysts/ statisticians usually do in a day? Does the job get stressful? Is the field more or less competitive than average?

braian’s Avatar
braian Nov 02 204 views

What's the best sports college to go to?

I want to play soccer but idk which teams are the worst.

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Oct 30, 2020 338 views

What universities are best for the Dentistry and Chiropractic?

I’m torn between setting off toward being a chiropractor or a dentist....#chiropractor #dentist

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla Nov 08 102 views

How do I obtain a scholarship?

Why do I have to pay when I am low income? When can I get a scholarship? What is the most important thing you need for a scholarship?

Jaidan’s Avatar
Jaidan Nov 02 98 views

What did you study in college to prepare you for your current career/business?

I'm looking to learn the steps to prepare myself for college.

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Nov 02 65 views

what job do you want to do when you graduate?

What is your dream job? and why

Escarle’s Avatar
Escarle Nov 02 316 views

Career advice

My questions about career advice :
What should i expect for my first interview ? Where can i find a job/internship in my field?
How can I improve my online presence ?

Jaidan’s Avatar
Jaidan Nov 02 252 views

What drove you to go to college and pursue your current career?

I want to know what inspired you to chose your current career.

Alissa’s Avatar
Alissa Nov 02 37 views

How did you decide your career path?

As a 11th grade junior, it’s difficult to decide what to do when you decide to get a career in something especially when you don’t plan on going to college.

Zymeria ’s Avatar
Zymeria Feb 09, 2017 518 views

If another lawyer debate with another will it effect them?

I wanted to achieve my goals to be a lawyer #lawyer

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Oct 03 363 views

How do you become a K-pop idol?

I am an african american and I know that it would be hard for me to become a K-pop idol since it is mostly asian represented. But it really is my dream to become an idol. I practice dancing and singing everyday. I have also started to study and learn the language. I plan on working hard no...

Taleya ’s Avatar
Taleya May 05, 2016 792 views

If I take a year off of school, How will it effect my chances of getting into a college or university.

Most adults look down on taking "leap years" but I believe that it may be a good idea for some people. #gap-year

Hercules ’s Avatar
Hercules May 04, 2016 838 views

What college course could military services give me?

I asked this question because I'm interested in the military
#college #military #military-service

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Feb 15, 2017 625 views

What types of advertisements would I have to out out to be able to get a small business going?

When I get older, I would like to be able to own my own business. I know advertisements get your business out there and I just wanted to know what types might be the best. #business #entrepreneurship #business-development #entrepreneur

Destiny ’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 09, 2017 525 views

Was it easy to become a an actor? Did you have failures?

I would like encouragement,to really get me into the swing of acting #acting

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 10, 2017 500 views

How difficult is it to get a journalist job in a big name paper or magazine?

I would like to be a journalist. #journalist

Tabias’s Avatar
Tabias Feb 10, 2017 665 views

How much money does a lawyer make a year?

with my interest of being a lawyer i wanna see how much im making #lawyer

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Oct 08 285 views

How can I become a background dancer for k-pop groups like BTS?

I recently got into k-pop and I already love the dances and the techniques. I would like to be a background dancer for k-pop groups. How do I get started and how do I audtion for companies like Big hit, JYP, YG, or SM?

Sadie’s Avatar
Sadie Feb 14, 2021 1154 views

How can I pursue a career in digital marketing?

I’ve recently become interested in social media/digital marketing. #marketing #career-path #career-choice

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Feb 08, 2017 621 views

What college do i have to go to for conputer programers?

My career is a Computer Programer #facebook

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