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Will there still be use for humans in the medical field 20 years from now?

With humans creating robots that's gain citizenship in other countries. Are we at risk of being unemployed? Creating robots that teaches themselves and learn faster than humans can easily put us ALL at risk for employment sooner or later.
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4 answers

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Blessy’s Answer

Hi Tayana,

This is a great question. And it's even an ongoing debate among the greats like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

In time, probably. But not completely.

As Mary mentioned above, even if robots can be programmed to do certain things, the medical field is not all just technology. It needs human emotion and support, which a robot cannot duplicate, not at least with the current advancements.

Having said that, even if they do, humans are highly adaptable.

30 years ago blockbusters were a huge deal! Nobody in their right minds would have imagined they would ever go out of business.
As of 2019, there are only two Blockbuster stores left in the world!
But humans adapted and survived.

Even if robots take over the medical field, humans will always have something to do. Automation is different. Automation is mostly used to simplify repeatable tasks. But, there are a lot of tasks that are not repeatable, and not automatable.

I believe that there will never be a time when humans are out of employment. We might need to learn different skills to adapt to the changing times. But, No, there won't be a time where there is NO use for humans in the medical field.

Blessy recommends the following next steps:

Onto the fun part. You can check out this website, where you enter a profession, and a novel methodology is applied to estimate the probability of computerisation for 702 detailed occupations, using a Gaussian process classifier. ---> https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/

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Ana-Maria Antoaneta’s Answer

Hello Tayana, a lot of science fiction books and films predict worlds of robots, but I doubt we'll live to see it, the next 20 years is actually not so far in the future. I am 45 and since I was 20 things changed a lot in terms of technology and communication (smart phones, computers, etc.) But if you look at our daily lives they didn't change that much in terms of routines (if checking your phone every 5 minutes doesn't count :) Lots of people work in hospitals, lots of people need them, health professionals don't have a hard time finding a job (I have doctors and a nurse in my family, one of them is in New York). Robots don't do the thinking, they're just helpers, and great ones. Plus, top technology is not readily available all over the planet, only in top hospitals in rich countries. Best of luck!

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Mary’s Answer

Tayana! Wow, what a question! It's so timely with what we're hearing about with Artificial Intelligence and all. I think we will be side by side with the technology that's available 20 years from now. Robots can be programmed to do certain things, but they cannot duplicate human emotion and support. Here's a good article from Stanford Medicine https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2018/05/08/artificial-intelligence-in-medicine-predicting-patient-outcomes-and-beyond/ on how AI will be a tool for doctors, not a replacement. Best of luck and keep pursuing your healthcare career goals!

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Geetha’s Answer

Advanced technologies will be used as a supporting systems. As a human always we get work.