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Cornelius Nov 28, 2018 1038 views

How can I determine website sponsor pricing.

I am grateful to the wealth of advice I get from this site. Now I have a question regarding the above subject matter. I have a social enterprise website (non-profit) specialized in a specific field. My model of raising revenue for sustainability is basic listing service (which I have already...

Eva’s Avatar
Eva Jan 13, 2018 723 views

What are some things that the MIT Admissions Department looks for?

I have read that MIT looks for many things in its applicants that aren’t spoken about, does anyone know a few of these?
#mit #massachusetts-institute-of-technology #college #college-admissions

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Jerome Jul 09, 2018 955 views

How do I become a freelance graphic designer?

-How to promote my name?

#Art, #Creative Expression, and #Advertisement #graphic-design #freelance

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Kristin May 11, 2018 778 views

How did women in technology stay focused and motivated in college?

I'm asking because I will be starting my Freshman year majoring in Information Technology in Fall 2018. #women-in-tech #web-applications

Kristin’s Avatar
Kristin May 11, 2018 1139 views

Has it become easier for women to get jobs in technology?

Seems like it was a struggle for women to break into the industry for a while. #women-in-tech #web-applications

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Iyinoluwa May 08, 2018 503 views

Is a tour of a university you plan on attending a necessity?

It is a little far...


Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 08, 2018 1243 views

What are good ways to make money as a professional artist?

I'm studying to be an art teacher and I know that it'd hard to make it in the art world on selling your art alone, but I definitely want to make money on my art along with my job as a teacher. What are other ways to make money as an artist after earning a BFA or MFA? #art #artist #painting...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler May 08, 2018 977 views

When applying to different college, how do you decide which one is best for you?

I want to apply to several colleges so I can have more choices and more opportunities. After looking at several colleges, I'm not sure which one would work for me the most. #college-advice #collegeapplication #graphic-design

Iyinoluwa’s Avatar
Iyinoluwa May 08, 2018 490 views

Should I trust in myself to be able to pay off student loans in the future with an exemplary university, or should I attend an average university on a full-ride?

A family member of mine has gone to an outstanding university ending with a great sum of debt. They also had offers from less quality universities for no debt.


Tayana’s Avatar
Tayana Jan 16, 2018 747 views

Will there still be use for humans in the medical field 20 years from now?

With humans creating robots that's gain citizenship in other countries. Are we at risk of being unemployed? Creating robots that teaches themselves and learn faster than humans can easily put us ALL at risk for employment sooner or later. #technology #employment #youth-employment #medicine...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 16, 2018 872 views

How come trade schools aren't mentioned more often?

Whenever someone considers a path after high school it's always a four year college. I learned that trade jobs can earn you a lot of money, but trade schools that teach you how to do certain jobs are not mentioned as often as four year colleges. I want to go to a four year college but I'm also...

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Mar 08, 2018 759 views

What should I study in College?

There are so many things I have an interest in. Art, History, Writing Books, Gaming, Technology, Rocks, Science and more. How does one find out what is best? #whattostudy #college-major #college-advice #college-jobs

Franceska’s Avatar
Franceska Mar 08, 2018 593 views

Why do people change their majors so much?

I'm wondering if I will be changing my major also.#biology

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jan 16, 2018 784 views

What's the most surprising thing about jobs in the Computer Science industry?

I'm working on a CS degree right now, and some of the curriculum really likes to emphasize that STEM jobs sometimes are not what you would expect them to be while you're studying for them. So I'm curious what was surprising about jobs in CS. #technology

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Jan 17, 2018 625 views

How can my career help or effect others?

I don't understand how the technology an aerospace engineer makes in their planes or spaceships effects the everyday person.
#aviation-and-aerospace #technology