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How can I determine website sponsor pricing.

I am grateful to the wealth of advice I get from this site. Now I have a question regarding the above subject matter. I have a social enterprise website (non-profit) specialized in a specific field. My model of raising revenue for sustainability is basic listing service (which I have already defined based on market research). The other method is sponsorship where I intend to have sponsors willing to sponsor my site in “exchange” with my audience. To give them maximum visibility, I want the sponsor(s) clickable logo to appear on my website footer. At the moment I have web traffic of about 2,000 visitors monthly. My vision is to make this website the platform of choice for my target audience. A certain organization (multi national)has expressed interest to be associated with my website and to tap into my “huge audience” (according to their wording). Am yet to meet them for this discussion. I think the best way I can publicize their brand on my website is if I take them as my sponsor (not sure though), you can advice me. How can I go about this partnership? Kindly help me; 1. Determine whether sponsorship is the right option? (or there is a better one)? 2: To determine my sponsorship pricing should they be interested in it. 2. Is it good to have one sponsor on my website footer or many should they come along the way? 3. Any other detail you think can help me in building this. Thank you in advance. #non-profit, #website-sponsorship, #website-advertising, #website-partnership, #pricing #technology, #social-enterprise

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