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How did women in technology stay focused and motivated in college?

I'm asking because I will be starting my Freshman year majoring in Information Technology in Fall 2018. women-in-tech web-applications

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2 answers

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Lorraine’s Answer

Hi Kristin! I have a degree in Graphic Design and I will be the first to tell you that staying motivated can sometimes be a struggle. At the time I was in college, I was a single mother, also working 40+ hours a week. You can imagine the level of stress this adds to an already difficult area to study. What really kept me motivated was focusing on the goals I had set for myself. I always like to have short term and long term goals so that I can constantly be working towards something. This helps me to remain engaged and not get complacent. Also, having goals helps you to remind yourself what is important and why you are working so hard. My goal during college was to attain a degree so that I could provide a better life for my daughter; she was my motivation and key driving force. A great way to figure out the goals you want to achieve is to speak with a mentor in the field you are interested in. Reach out to women in the specific technology role that you are working towards. You can easily do this by performing a quick search on LinkedIn. Also, try and emerse yourself in technology based organizations in your area. A quick Google search will help get the ball rolling for you by showing you local tech companies.

Ultimately, having goals and reminding yourself what your goals are will keep you motivated. Think of 3 things that are important to you and write them on a single post-it. Place that post-it somewhere conspicuous, like the bathroom mirror, desk, or even your bedroom door. Being able to see this often will be a constant reminder of what's important to you and will keep you grounded and motivated as well.

Lorraine recommends the following next steps:

Perform a LinkedIn search to find women currently in your field of interest and reach out to them. Tell them what interested you most about their position and ask them how they stay motivated.
Perform a Google search for local tech companies. If you can't find any local, that's ok because we live in the golden age of Technology! You can still send emails to a few of these companies that interest you.
Write down 3 things that are most important to you (Family, friends, dog, education, career, etc) . Be sure to place this list somewhere you will see it several times a day.
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Mary’s Answer

Hi again Ms. Kristin! I would recommend joining clubs or organizations for women in tech. I think you will find that when you are working towards something with a good support system of people also working towards the same type of goal, it will help with staying motivated. Also, think about what you are going to be learning and how what you learn can really help you shape how we evolve even more technologically. How exciting is that? I'm excited for you. Don't give up and give it your very best. You can do it, girl!!!

Hi Mary, Thank you again for your advise. This is very helpful. I will look into what type of clubs my school has to offer. I think this is a great idea. Kristin C.