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What are differnet job options for lawyers in New York State?

I am a junior at a New York City public school. I know that job opportunities are avaliable over the world, but I specifically want to work in New York City. #law #job-opportunities

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2 answers

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Conor’s Answer

New York City, for better or worse, has one of the highest concentrations of lawyers in the world. Pretty much every type of lawyer you can imagine will be there, so not to worry! The same goes for NY State.

A lot of corporate law, besides the type of law that is local and so happens everywhere.

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Jackie’s Answer

New York State is notorious for having many job openings in the field of Law, especially if you have an idea of what kind of law you are interested in or what your background experience is. There are different kind of lawyers for example

Real Estate
Person Injury

All of which are very typical situations that occur in New York where you need a Lawyer especially because it is such a populated city.

Law firms are constantly looking for more hires especially out of college students looking for a career in law because they have a different perspective on things and have a refreshed memory right out of college.

If you haven't done so already I recommend looking for an internship before hand as past experience is very highly looked at by employers.