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A marketing degree Is a pretty broad and general degree. What are some specific type of career paths a graduate may expect to follow once they receive their degree ? #career #marketing #career-advice #job-opportunities

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I received my degrees in Marketing and Finance, and now I work as a Customer Experience Management Consultant. Marketing can take you down multiple career paths. You're asking the right questions - see what type of jobs you can get with a Marketing degree, and if any of those types of jobs interest you. You can always get a minor or a double major, as well, if you feel like you're limited in your career choices!
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Hello! I felt the same way when completing my undergraduate degree and it's a competitive job market so I wanted to make sure I knew what my strengths and interests were going into the job search process. I enjoyed some of the analytical aspect to marketing as well as the creative side. I was intrigued by trying to understand how and why consumers make the choices they do when purchasing products. I thought that a job in marketing research would be the best fit, though I really enjoyed working with the customers as well so I figured it would help me to look in a business development/consulting type role too. The great part is there are a lot of options because it is a more broad degree so while that can be intimidating, the bonus is that you can try out many options before coming across a job that feels more like a career.

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A degree in Marketing is a great choice because it's specific enough to give you a functional role in any company and broad enough to give you many career options within the field. Some areas and roles that come to mind are: marketing coordinator, program manager, event coordinator/manager, digital marketing, marketing data analysis & reporting, email marketing, database marketing, marketing technologist, product marketing, demand generation/lead generation, corporate communications, public relations, etc.

Please let me know if you want me to elaborate more on any of these areas.

I took my first marketing job as a Marketing Coordinator & Event Manager at a small company. Next, I moved on to a Marketing Data Analyst role at Dell and have been at the company for 6 years in several other roles in the Marketing organization.

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Great question. Marketing is a great field and its definition is equally broad and diverse. Marketing roles and functions can dramatically vary from company to company and so, on one hand, this offers a great deal of choice and flexibility when choosing a career path. On the other hand, it becomes very important for each person to understand what type of marketing function they want to pursue and which companies offer that specific role. I strongly recommend both researching & networking with companies who you might be interested in to understand how they have marketing jobs set up as well as interning in marketing roles. This will give you what i call the "really-reallys" of the day-to-day of the job and is a great way to get started within a company.

Hope this helps and best of luck on your future endeavors.

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