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Career Questions tagged Ethic

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Nov 09, 2020 1740 views

What is the importance of work ethic in whatever you do?

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Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Mar 15, 2019 404 views

Are the working conditions following standard protocall?

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Roosevon’s Avatar
Roosevon Oct 26, 2016 804 views

As a chemical engineer, do you realize any notable differences in the work ethics of female chemical engineers and male engineers? If so, what are some notable differences? If not, what are the similarities?

I am a female high school graduate who is looking to pursue a lifelong career in Chemical engineering. What drove me to ask this question is the simple fact that quite a few people have asked me why do I want to be a chemical engineer considering that I am a female, and "females just don't fit...