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Will complete equal rights be granted to all colored people?

It is said that we are all equal no matter what. But, I don't understand why bias takes place in jobs and school selections. I was wondering if equal rights will ever be considered no matter what race one race is or their background. #race #race-equality #equality #activism #race-discrimination #ethics

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2 answers

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Karen’s Answer

Your question is one that I would like to emphatically answer with a "yes" but realistically it will depend on individuals and how they treat others. Most important is for all of us to work toward this goal and to teach our children about equality.

Look for examples of equal rights and promote them.

With every good wish!

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Diane’s Answer

It is going to take a lot of work. Individuals need to look within themselves to recognize and confront their own prejudices in order to move towards equality in our practices and systems. While not moving fast enough, I am hopeful that the world can change in this direction. Thank you for raising such an important question.