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Dallas, Texas
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I would love to major in Mechanical engineering and Public Non-Profit Management. I am not sure yet.


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Josephine Aug 06, 2018 583 views

What should one do if uncertain of what career to pursue in?

I am uncertain of what career to pursue in and I am scared to start of #career-advice with a career that I might end up not liking. I also do not want to waste money on something that I will not need.

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Josephine Jan 16, 2018 677 views

How can low income students be encouraged to pursue a higher education?

Few people that I have visited living in a low income community have made the excuse that the lack of them being successful is the reason behind how less resourceful their community is. But, In my perspective that reason is invalid because I also live in a low income community. For that...

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Josephine Jan 16, 2018 555 views

Will complete equal rights be granted to all colored people?

It is said that we are all equal no matter what. But, I don't understand why bias takes place in jobs and school selections. I was wondering if equal rights will ever be considered no matter what race one race is or their background. #race #race-equality #equality #activism...