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Dalton, Massachusetts
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I want to be a carpenter and I want to work for Marty Ross Carpentry



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Jayden May 03 574 views

Help I need solid responses!

I work best in an environment with hands-on, hard-working, and public contracts. What are some jobs that might be the right fit for me?

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Jayden May 01 218 views

help I need advice

I am interested in becoming a union carpenter. I value money, creativity, and teamwork. Will this career path align with my values?

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Jayden May 19, 2021 344 views

what is the highest elevation in the united states that you can visit

In the most literal sense, the highest you can get in the United States is 20,237 feet above sea level, the peak of Alaska's Denali and the high point in the state. #elevation

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Jayden May 19, 2021 613 views

How many days will have passed after 3456 minutes

This conversion of 3,456 minutes to days has been calculated by multiplying 3,456 minutes by 0.0006 and the result is 2.4 days. #numbers