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Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya

Within 40 mile radius
Richard’s Avatar
Richard Mar 17 47 views

How can i get scholarship to known culinarycolleges?

Currently finishing my certificate level

Gift’s Avatar
Gift Sep 22, 2022 268 views

How do you help students to achieve goals ?

Do you assist students or you give them tips?

Malevin’s Avatar
Malevin Jul 14, 2021 298 views

Help me know if I am on the right track .

Am an Ib student in grade 11 wanting to pursue interior designing or fashion design in university . This are the subjects I do :
Language and literature English(HL)
Mathematics (SL)
Btec Diploma Art and Design
#art #design

Demi’s Avatar
Demi Jul 23, 2020 326 views

I have a new idea on transportation,how can I be helped to make it work

I have a new idea on transportation,how can l be helped to make it work?? #help

michael’s Avatar
michael Mar 13, 2020 628 views

what is the best computer project

#college #computer-software

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Mar 25, 2019 554 views

I am interested in working for an organization like What type of opportunities are available for someone passionate in organizations like this?

I would like to do my internship for an organization like this. I'm at Nairobi University from Kenya.

#internship #career #non-profit #nonprofit

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Mar 24, 2019 343 views

Is it advisable to study medicine first then another that involves technology and medicine or should I just do the latter?

#medicine #technology

Waweru’s Avatar
Waweru Feb 27, 2019 578 views

What's are the critical skills in a data science career.

Data analysis

Benard’s Avatar
Benard Feb 12, 2019 785 views

between computer science and software engineering, which course should I choose?

#computer #technology #science

Fridah’s Avatar
Fridah Jan 10, 2017 628 views

Can i get someone to sponser my education?

Am a student at multimedia university of Kenya studying journalism but anable to proceed due to lack of finances. I am from a humble background but ready and willing to study to change my family and my future. #scholarships #journalist #donours #sponsers #well #wishers

Aduda’s Avatar
Aduda Dec 23, 2016 728 views

Is it possible to study law even if l did not study history and cre in high school?

I had been aspiring to become an electrochemical engineer but now l have gained intrest in law. The subjects l took in high school are:Mathematics,English,Kiswahili,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,Geography and Agriculture. I therefore do not know if it is possible for me to study...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 12, 2015 873 views

general surgery residency

am a final year medical student(MBCHB), after a graduate would like to do my general surgery residency in the US. How possible it it? and approximately how much are the fees for residents? #student

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 15, 2014 2353 views

Hi, I'd like to know how a day in the life of a typical operations researcher is. Also, how you got there.

I was really interested in this field and would like to know more. #management #consulting #operations #analytics

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