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Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya

Within 40 mile radius
Chums’s Avatar
Chums May 23 723 views

Which career should I venture in the business sector?

Which career should I venture in business sector

Mark’s Avatar
Mark May 22 528 views

How to prepare well for accounts examination?

I am at the University level.

Joy’s Avatar
Joy May 21 134 views

How to be a Psychologist ?

I am a third year student. My hobbies are yoga meditation, out door activities such as hiking.
I also love practicing journaling and grounding.

EBENEZAR May 07 447 views

Is CPA same as a degree, If Yes,Can I Pursue A PhD With CPA And Business Administration Degree ?

I'm a little confused

EBENEZAR Apr 26 256 views

What Business Major Should I go For When I desire to be a business Lawyer, Co-operate lawyer to be specific, ?

I'm in Year 2 Of Campus Awaiting to Get to Year 3 where Course majoring starts

Vidal’s Avatar
Vidal Apr 07 414 views

How to become proficient in copy writing and SEO content writing ?

I am a beginner looking for guidance in SEO content and copy writing, with these skills I can become skilled in the said fields and get jobs to kick start my career.

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Samuel Mar 14 265 views

How can i create an aplication?

On andripd or codeen

Yussuf’s Avatar
Yussuf Mar 09 570 views

What is the total pay for programming jobs?

How can I get programming jobs?

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Julie Jan 10 1256 views


"Hello, I am a first-year student pursuing a major in English and Literature. However, I am unsure if teaching alone would be a suitable career path for me. I am interested in exploring other well-paying job options. Additionally, as a student, I am also looking for part-time jobs that I can do...

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Aug 29, 2023 2836 views

What is more marketable a major in nursing or perioperative theatre technology?

Im confused on which one can open doors to more opportunities

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Aug 28, 2023 902 views

Which is more marketable: a major in nursing or psychology?

I'm interested in both and would like to hear which of these is more profitable and which will open more doors for opportunity.

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Aug 17, 2023 602 views

How can I find financial assistance for school?

I need to pay of some school debt and pay off my remaining balance for the upcoming semester.

martha’s Avatar
martha Aug 15, 2023 253 views

What scholarships are available for physiotherapy students?

I'd like financial assistance to complete my degree

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Aug 15, 2023 296 views

How do I find financial aid?

I was just accepted into Mahsa University's School of Medicine. How can I pay for it?

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 08, 2023 235 views



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