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Will joining the police force after college affect my job placement?

Updated Chatham, Illinois

I'm in a music business program to hopefully work in a recording studio and run FOH audio for bands, and I'm curious if joining the police force right after school would affect my opportunities in these fields.

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3 answers

Miazor’s Answer


Hello Bryan, working as an officer is somewhat as demanding as working in the music industry. It's also time consuming too for both fields. The big question is why do you want to? Being a police officer requires consistent growth and I don't think you plan on quitting at some point so as to veer into music. If there's away you can slip it into your leisure time then great, but this possibility isn't so common. It could be easier to join the police after working in the recording studio and rarely the other way round. I think with your knowledge of acoustics, vocal recording technology and so on, it could be useful in the police force. Ultimately, decide which you desire the most. I hope this helps, Good luck.

Phil’s Answer

Updated Salem, Oregon

Hello Bryan, early in your career any fundamental experience you gain in either discipline shouldn't negatively impact the other. Looking at it from a hiring manager perspective, however, I see that you are enrolled in a music business program (which I interpret to mean it's your major) and you want to be an audio engineer "someday" but you want to be a police officer "now". The first questions I'd be asking myself if I were hiring for either discipline is "Why" and what is/will be your commitment to "this" job? You must consider that there are individuals who have no police training or who are pursuing a degree in criminal justice who "want to be" career police officers, so the chances of an audio engineering candidate landing a "short term" police job is probably pretty slim. Another consideration is that should you land a police officer position, and work as one for "a while", however long that may be, if you then tried to switch careers to audio engineering you would have no professional audio experience, and your audio schooling becomes less relevant as a reference the farther you get away from your graduation date.

Phil recommends the following next steps:

  • I would suggest getting right to audio engineering since that's what you're training for and, apparently, really want to do, and if you want to participate in community policing once you're settled into your audio career there are lots of volunteer opportunities, there, as well.

Arnel’s Answer


I would say it will not affect. After joining the police force, you will be more systematic, disciplined and patient. As in the world of AV or Music industry, it requires more hours of waiting, standing and focus in what you do. Therefore, after the joining the force you have lot of endurance test which will make you stronger after. Moreover, inside the police force the music can be very much alive like anywhere else-so they may require someone like you with that particular interest. I am an Av /Music enthusiast also and the opportunity where share such skills is endless regardless of the kind of surroundings because music is with everyone.