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What is the best major to pair with an astronomy minor?

My younger sister LOVES astronomy, and I think an astronomy minor would be a fun option for her.

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2 answers

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Paul’s Answer

There are several majors, which complement a minor in Astronomy. These include.
* Physics: Physics is a science that concentrates on various issues involving the universe and solar system. This could be an excellent option.
* Math or Statistics. When science studies the universe, or we send a probe into deep space, an understanding of math is needed to make accurate calculations.
* Chemistry or Biology. The subject of astronomy is always researching chemical and biological elements in space, and in stars and within planetary structures. This could be another good option.
I would research the backgrounds of scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan and Isaac Newton. I think you will discover that all three of these astronomers had very strong backgrounds in at least one of these subjects.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

Research the options for minors that go well with particular majors
See an academic advisor to determine an educational path
Read about astronomers and research their science backgrounds and majors
Thank you comment icon Thank you! I'll be sure to pass this info on to her! :-) Genevieve
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Connor’s Answer

Paul covered the big hits for majors but there are a few others that are valid.
>Engineering: Telescopes require *a lot* of work to keep operational. Even the best telescopes in the world have problems and having engineering and instrumentation know-how is incredibly valuable.
>Teaching: Teachers are always in demand, science teachers especially. Plus getting to teach about stars and space is usually a pretty popular subject for kids.
>Just major in astronomy: This is another option and the one I ended up taking. You can do a lot of cool work with an astronomy degree, though I would *highly* recommend anyone who has a major in astronomy either a) pursue undergraduate research very aggressively or b) accept you're going to need a post graduate degree to qualify for a lot of jobs.
Some more scientists to look after include Annie Jump Cannon, Edwin Hubble and Stephen Hawking
Thank you comment icon Cool! Thanks for sharing Conner! Genevieve