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What are some colleges and universities that have majors and minors in History related or connected to World War History?

Hi, my name is Kamerin and I'm interested in being a Historian in World War History. I am deeply interested in the subject and the subjects connected to it, such as history of the Czars and communist leaders of Russia, the methods of fighting in small and large scale battles, the changes in the industrial industries of countries, doctrines of different militaries, and etc. This September I will be going into my senior year meaning I will be researching and reaching out to colleges and universities.

Thank you comment icon I minored in history and have always been interested. Have read extensively and even taught modern European history (French Revolution and on) for ten years to middle schoolers (Best experience of my career in education). And I'm with you regarding your specific historical interests. In a way, we are kindred spirits. But the downside to this is the educational community has moved on. Liberal Arts are out. And if not out, fading fast. Many colleges and universities are "downsizing" liberal arts programs, or, worse, eliminating them. That's reality. Do a search on the subject. Today's higher education is focusing on tech. And the business of how to make money. I was lucky when I started out in higher education. All that has changed. And now sure what you can do with that. If there is a career these days regarding history (and other liberal arts) it is a matter of extremely hard work and being in the right place at the right time. Wish I could be more positive. Jerry Tingstad

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3 answers

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Katherine’s Answer

You could look into Hillsdale College and see if they offer something like what you want. Also look into CLEP exams and see if there are exams covering your subjects of interest...if you take some CLEPs and pass them, you could then choose a college to attend where your CLEP credits could be accepted and that would get you to where you had showed your expertise and acquired credit, without a lot of money comparatively.
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Karissa’s Answer

Almost all universities have Bachelor of Arts degrees in History. You will need to get a Masters Degree in History to focus on war history. When you are a junior in college you can start to look for colleges that offer that program. You need to understand world history before focusing on war history. There are exceptions at military colleges.
Thank you comment icon Thank you for this information, it helps a lot! Kamerin
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Reema’s Answer

A great number of colleges and universities have specialized history programs that delve into or significantly touch on World War history. Here's a friendly guide to some of the standout institutions offering these programs:

World War History Powerhouses
Columbia University:

History Department: They have unique courses on World War I and II, taught by faculty members who are experts in modern European and military history.
MA in History and Literature: This program lets you zero in on 20th-century conflicts, including the world wars.
Yale University:

History Department: They offer a diverse array of courses on military history and modern Europe, including specific classes on both World Wars.
Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy: This program often incorporates components centered on the world wars.
University of Chicago:

History Department: They provide a rich selection of courses on modern European history and the world wars, with a special focus on their political, social, and cultural effects.
MA in International Relations: This degree can be customized to include a concentration on historical conflicts.
Georgetown University:

Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service: They offer courses on diplomatic history and the influence of the world wars.
History Department: They provide specific classes and research opportunities on both World War I and II.
King’s College London:

War Studies Department: This department is a specialist in military history and offers comprehensive programs on both world wars.
MA in War Studies: This program allows for an in-depth exploration of various facets of 20th-century conflicts.
University of Virginia:

Corcoran History Department: They offer courses on military history, with specific classes centered on the world wars.
MA/PhD Programs: These provide opportunities for specialized research in modern European history and military history.
University of California, Berkeley:

History Department: They offer a wide range of courses on modern European history and military history, including detailed studies of the world wars.
MA/PhD Programs: These programs enable focused research on World War I and II topics.
Specialized Programs and Research Centers
National WWII Museum’s Master of Arts in World War II Studies:

Online Program: This program, offered in partnership with Arizona State University, gives a comprehensive understanding of World War II.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Center for European Studies: This center includes faculty specializing in 20th-century European history with a focus on the world wars.
History Department: They provide relevant courses and research opportunities.
University of Texas at Austin:

History Department: They offer coursework and research opportunities in military history, including the world wars.
Clements Center for National Security: This center often incorporates studies related to the world wars in its programs.
These universities and programs offer a wealth of educational opportunities for students keen on studying World War history. They offer both undergraduate and graduate-level courses, as well as specialized research opportunities.