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Rut 2 days ago 94 views

How to connect better with students?

Currently an eduction major in junior year, I am just starting fieldwork and I notice an overwhelming amount of students who tend to hate school and not do anything that involves learning. What are some tips and tricks to motivate students to learn.

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth May 07 252 views

What are some considerable opportunities a pre-med student or any person interested in the medical field should take advantage of?

What are some recommendations for medical opportunities?

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 05 201 views

Where should I start with job shadowing as a pre-med student?

Hi! I am going to be attending college in Phoenix this fall as a freshman. I'm a pre-med student majoring in Biology. I know it's a little early, but I know job shadowing is a very important part of the pre-med process, both for applying to medical school and for being certain that medicine is...

Chuer’s Avatar
Chuer May 04 284 views

How can I find opportunities to shadow physicians/doctors?

I'm participating in a hospital internship + dentist's office internship this summer, but I'm not sure how indicative these experiences will be to experiencing what a real healthcare experience is like. So, I'm wondering if shadowing a doctor would be better.

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Apr 28 207 views

What majors and minors should I take to become a psychiatrist, but still get experience in education?

Hey! I am thinking of pursuing a degree in psychology. My overall goal is to become either a children's trauma therapist or more hopefully a psychiatrist, but I still want skills in education in order to keep my options more open. I thought of doing a psychology major, with a minor in...

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Apr 28 243 views

Are M.D./Ph.D. (neuroscience specifically) programs worth it ?

I'm currently a high school senior. I already committed to a college and I'll be majoring in neurobiology but I wanted to get some advice from others to see if an M.D./Ph.D. program after undergrad is the way to go (or if just getting an M.D. is better) so that I can start preparing for it. I...

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 28 177 views

How to get admission into medical school ?

What are the prerequisite to becoming a medic

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 26 342 views

How do I become a Psychology Professor at Uni?

Im in my final year of Highschool & entering college soon, I really want to become a teacher and wanted to teach kids/teens but figured out Professor in uni has a higher salary than a Highschool teacher, What should i do to become a psychology professor at Uni? Can I major in Education? then...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Apr 26 299 views

How to further my studies after studying Edu in Physics?

Any tips on how to go about it

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Apr 25 305 views

What is the most beneficial pre-med major?

Hi! I hear that common pre-med majors are biology, biomedical sciences, kinesiology, etc., but was wondering what the most helpful one was? Thanks!

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 24 209 views

How early to start on college essays and applying for scholarships?

Hi my name is Jason, I’m currently a Junior in high school and I’m wondering how to get ahead in college apps as well as scholarships. Also, I have a GPA of 3.66, and I’m worried whether it is good enough.

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Apr 22 497 views

what is the best place t earn and learn english?

english tips in career

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Moremi Apr 22 622 views

What are medical schools looking for in their students?

I am in my last year of pre-med and taking a gap year before medical school Right now I am applying for internships in healthcare communications to do in my year off :)

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 23 426 views

how difficult is taking career pathway?

how hard is it to become a physician and how long will it take me because I am 16 years and in 10th grade

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Amparo Apr 20 428 views

Why Is It Important To Go To College After Finishing High School?

The reason I’m asking that is because I’m done with high school and I want to know the reason of why is it important to go to college after high school.