Career Questions tagged Sleep

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David M. May 30, 2019 262 views

How should I best manage schoolwork and a healthy lifestyle in college?

Anyone can answer, students and professionals alike. I'd like to know how you all manage it. #health #college...


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McKay B. Aug 09, 2018 298 views

How many hours do people typically work when attending school full time?

I'm planning to working full time while attending college and don't know if that will hurt my grades. #jobs #working #school #work #college...


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Jeffrey M. Jul 12, 2018 201 views

How should I manage my time so that I don't wake up so groggy?

I would always go to sleep at 2. I always wake up groggy. I think i should go to sleep before midnight, but I can't seem to do so....


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edward H. Jan 23, 2018 256 views

On average how much sleep should be striving for?

Just to make sure I'm getting the proper amount of sleep. #sleep...