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How should I best manage schoolwork and a healthy lifestyle in college?

Asked Puerto Rico

Anyone can answer, students and professionals alike. I'd like to know how you all manage it. #health #college #sleep

5 answers

Jose’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi David,

In my experience, what you can do is definitely have a set schedule to follow. When I first started college I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of free time I had. I would go to class, the professor would assign homework with a completion time frame, and we would be responsible for remembering to do the work, and submitting it on time. If we didn't, we did not get any second chances. It was great to know I was free to set my own schedule, but often I found myself studying late into the night and dawn just to finish because I was not organized on the time I set aside for schoolwork. Once I separated class time from free time, I took advantage of the time between classes , as well as 1-2 hours per day after school for schoolwork. That allowed me to have free time with friends,family and do extracurricular activities without feeling guilty or worried about schoolwork I had left unfinished. I was also able to go to sleep at regular hours, I had more energy overall, and I did much better with my grades. It's all about how you choose to manage your time and how well you stick to the schedule you make for yourself. Don't worry David, I'm sure you will be just fine.

Jose recommends the following next steps:

  • Get a planner
  • Block out your daily class times
  • Designate and block out classwork times during and after school
  • Adjust classwork times as needed depending on workload

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I suggest you write out a daily schedule in an excel spreadsheet. I did this when I was in school and it helped a lot! By creating a schedule of not only your class times but also dedicated times to study, you can ensure you won't fall behind on assignments. You should also schedule free time so you know when it's time to be serious and get some work done and when you can just kick back and relax. The spreadsheet should also include going to the gym or enjoying some other activity to keep you fit.

Emitom’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi David,

I think Jose provided some great advice above. I'd also recommend planning ahead on your assignments. Just because you have a paper due in two weeks, doesn't mean you shouldn't start working on it now. For your major assignments, determine how much time you need to complete them and how far in advance you need to begin them to meet that deadline. You can use daily to do lists in your planner to help map this out.

Outside of school work, it is important to build healthy habits for your mental and physical health in college. I went to a school with on campus dining. While I didn't have much time to cook during the school year, I took advantage of healthy options that were served in the dining halls. Additionally, many colleges have fitness centers including in your tuition. Try out different classes and activities to determine what you enjoy and make a habit to incorporate it into your weekly schedule.

Hope this helps!

Emitom recommends the following next steps:

  • Look for ways to add healthy foods to your diet
  • Investigate free or discounted fitness options at your school
  • Find an activity you enjoy to add to your weekly routine
  • Utilize daily to do lists in your planner

Megan’s Answer


Look into "Time Block Management" as an effective way to help balance your life. This is an important skill to master early to have a successful career too! It essentially means you're calendaring out your week to make sure you're focusing WELL on one thing at a time, rather than multitasking and doing a little bit of various things. When you do focus on that task at hand, during it's given time, give it your full attention!

I recommend really using your calendar. Whether you use a physical planner, or your google calendar, etc. find a way to consolidate your whole life! Write out the tasks you have each week & prioritize them before going about scheduling them into time slots. Make sure to schedule in time for yourself to maintain that healthy lifestyle - grocery shopping, working out, meditation, spending time with friends, FREE TIME! etc.

Megan recommends the following next steps:

  • Read this to learn more: https://mayooshin.com/time-blocking-elon-musk-manage-time/

José’s Answer

Updated Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela

There are always some more complicated subjects, it is good to study them with someone who masters them, or in a group. Do not let accumulate assignments unnecessarily. Try to borrow, notebooks, notes, guides, prototype exams and any material from someone who has already seen the subjects you have to study. Organize yourself and plan the study hours you must have each day. Performs an extracurricular activity, preferably a sport that demands discipline and oxygenates your brain. Try to sleep no less than 7 hours and no more than 9 hours a day, proper rest is very important to have energy and be mentally clear.

I hope it's useful !!!

José recommends the following next steps:

  • Start by looking for an extracurricular activity of your liking.
  • Create a contact database of advanced students who can help you or lend you materials from your curriculum.
  • Select mobile applications that serve as tools to manage your studies.
  • Do your activities with devotion and you will notice the difference.... Success !!!