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Elise Mar 05 117 views

What are some good resources to learn coding?

I have taken AP computer science principles and am currently taking AP computer science, and am wondering if there are more efficient resources to learn from. I am planning to major in computer engineering.

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Jordan Jul 25, 2019 418 views

What is the average pay that a beginning Carpenter makes?

Also the average pay that a Carpenter who's been working for several years makes. #financial-planning

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keon Jun 26, 2019 315 views

is it hard to be any type of welder

#college #financial-aid

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Tanekqa Jul 18, 2019 504 views

What beginning career options should i look into if im interested in security and protective services?

#career #security #law #government #law-enforcement #police-officer

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alyyza Jul 22, 2019 333 views

What motivated you to take that job?

#my name is alyzza mendez and i am intersted in protective services

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Markez Jul 12, 2019 363 views

How to become a well-paid welder?

I've heard this is a very lucrative job based on location and status. Is this true?
#college #career #job

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Alberto Jul 12, 2019 420 views

whatkind of certification in order tobe a good welder

#career #job-application #job-search #graphic-design #college

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Maximus Jul 10, 2019 634 views

How can i know that this is the job i really want

#job #job-search #career-counseling #job-search #career

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pouesi Jul 11, 2019 353 views

what do you enjoy the most about the job?

#welding #career #job

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Emanjieck Jul 07, 2019 506 views

am an artist and i like games so much i have a dream of making my own game i like game design as a career but i have no knowledeg in programming i was wondering how should i start what kind of courses should i take ect

#game-design #programming #video-games #computer-games #gaming

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Jennifer Jul 06, 2019 573 views

What if I am not sure what I want to do when I graduate?


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Jielyn Jun 23, 2019 523 views

What are some high school requirements for software engineering?

#engineering #computer-software #software

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Chun Mar 13, 2018 543 views

What do nurses in Canada do?

I wasn't from Canada and I found that the nurses in my homeland do the completely different work from the nurses in Canada do. I feel that nurses in Canada are more like doctors in my homeland. But I am not so sure about what nurses in Canada do. Could anyone give my some example of nurses'...

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Manoj Mar 07, 2019 628 views

Is it easy to learn R language and python

I need to learn R language and python #tech #coding #programming #programmer

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Alexandra Jun 15, 2018 711 views

How much do college professors get paid?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...