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What motivated you to take that job?

#my name is alyzza mendez and i am intersted in protective services

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2 answers

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José’s Answer

Social work is a praiseworthy task that leaves many satisfactions. Social work is not routine. There is no typical day for a social worker. You will continuously learn throughout your career. Every child, youth and family a social worker encounters is unique. There are numerous career opportunities. For college students, practicums and internships are a great way to gain real-world experience. To become a social worker in any state, a bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level positions. Children and families need you. All families face unique challenges, and some challenges may be difficult to overcome without support from caring professionals. You will make a difference. Social workers come into a child or family’s life during their most vulnerable time. They help families resolve conflicts and learn healthy skills in order for children to safely remain in or return to the home.

I hope I could have helped you Alyyza !!!

Source: https://www.kvc.org/blog/5-reasons-to-pursue-a-career-in-social-work/

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If social work sounds like a career for you, consider joining our innovative team! Visit www.kvc.org/careers to view open positions in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky and West Virginia and apply today!

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Monica’s Answer

Hi Alyyza,

There were several factors that motivated me to accept my current job. The company's culture, my team, management and how that all fits into my work-life balance.

I would suggest writing down what motivates you and what are the motivating factors that you are looking for at you job.

Best of luck!

Monica recommends the following next steps:

Find out what motivates you and see if the job you are interested in fits into what you're looking for.