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i want to learn korean lag

#my name is anusha i want to lear korean lag

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1 answer

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Haena’s Answer

Hi Anusha,

There are a few different ways to learn a language!
I recommend deciding why you want to learn the language (e.g. informal conversation, listen to music, study abroad, pass exams).
Knowing where you want to start taking your language skills will help you decide which route to go.

If you are a complete beginner and don't want to pay for lessons, I recommend YouTube Korean language lessons and joining the subreddit r/korean (only for those over the Reddit age requirement of 13 years old).
There are also likely MeetUp and communities near you of fellow Korean language learners who can help you practice your Korean!
Immersing yourself to learn Korean history, listening to Korean music, and watching Korean media are all excellent ways to learn.

If you want a more structured learning of the language, Sogang Korean textbooks and workbooks are available on Amazon to buy! Local language institutes usually hold group classes which are more affordable than private lessons and are also great to practice what you learn with other beginners.

Learning a new language is daunting, so remember to have fun! Watch fun Korean shows and join communities that make you feel welcome. Enjoying the language you are learning is the best motivator to keep going :)

Haena recommends the following next steps:

Decide your Korean language learning goal
Find an in-person or online Korean language community
Do fun Korean activities such as listen to music, watch tv, and play games
Learn the history
Buy workbooks or lessons to solidify a good language foundation