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what do you enjoy the most about the job?

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José’s Answer


The aspects that we must take care of when accepting a job, or what we like or value most about a job, from my experience, is to be comfortable with the things you are not willing to put aside, such as flexibility in the schedules , closeness to your home, work environment, and possibility of reconciliation with your family life. Additionally, a salary with which you feel good will make you feel that both you and your work are valued. The boss or immediate supervisor of your work is a very delicate and important point in your life, he will be the one who will propose your next goals, will motivate you to work more and more and better, and will be an ally to make your professional career advance. You should also feel happy with the following question: Is this position within the path I had planned for my career? Do not leave out the opportunities for job growth that exist within the company when accepting or staying in an institution. Finally, I consider it important to evaluate the corporate culture of the company, in the sense of seeing if it aligns with your principles, values, attitudes and objectives.

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