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Allen B.’s Avatar
Allen B. Mar 10, 2016 753 views

If there was one book that you could identify as a game changer for you in deciding to get invovled in investment and finance, what would that book be?

I'm very interested in pursuing a career in finance, and I want to start by learning from the best investment and finance minds there are. Why do you recommend this book and how did it help you in making your career choice? finance financial-services investment-management...


Landon W.’s Avatar
Landon W. Mar 13, 2016 1663 views

What do you wish someone told you when you were in high school about working in investing?

I don’t know what I don’t know. If you could go back to yourself in high school and give a piece of advice to your younger self to help you prepare for your future, what would it be? finance financial-services investment-management...


Demarie P.’s Avatar
Demarie P. Mar 15, 2016 899 views

What kind of training and certification is necessary to become an investment manager?

I'll be going to college soon so I need to learn more about how I need to prepare for a career in investment management. Can you tell me what kind of training and/or certification is involved? finance financial-services investment-management...


Marcus R.’s Avatar
Marcus R. Mar 15, 2016 1324 views

What skillsets should someone inerested in a career in finance have?

I'm thinking about a career in finance because i'm really good at math, but i'm wondering what additional skills I should have to really be successful in that industry? finance financial-services investment-management...


Thu D.’s Avatar
Thu D. Mar 15, 2016 1648 views

How do you recommend I overcome my fear of pubilc speaking?

I'm hoping that others who have also had a fear of public speaking were able to overcome it and be successful business people. I get extremely anxious when I ahve to speak at all in class, but feel very confident when working alone or communicating digitally. I'm worried this will interfer with...

public-speaking investment-management finance financial-services investing

jasmine E.’s Avatar
jasmine E. May 05, 2016 543 views

how do i stay on track with everything?

I want to...

Dylan C.’s Avatar
Dylan C. May 07, 2016 626 views

Can the amounts of my loans be raised?

I have some leftover expenses that my family does not intend to cover. Will I be able to raise my student loan amount to compensate? money student-loans loans...


Serenity W.’s Avatar
Serenity W. May 09, 2016 1923 views

How often do college students get to go back home?

I know there are breaks during semesters, but I've also heard there's "dead time" in between those breaks as well. I am going 4 hours away from my home and I have people that I want to see more often than on holidays. Do I just have to wait until breaks or will there be a time that I can go...

college moving visiting freshmen

Alexis R.’s Avatar
Alexis R. May 09, 2016 457 views

How can I receive scholarships for my high school achievements?

To find a solution for my financial situations with college. money scholarships...


syera B.’s Avatar
syera B. May 09, 2016 440 views

wheres the best place to get scholarships?

trying to go to college debt...

Monica F.’s Avatar
Monica F. May 11, 2016 723 views

The school I am going to doesn't accept student loans? I have been doing scholarships a lot but how else can I fund my education? Are their other ways?

There is no federal funding at the college I am attending. They offer a 12,000 loan each year but that will obviously not cover the whole tuition and room and board. I have a 3.96 unweighted GPA but because it is a very competitive college that really doesn't get me many scholarships. I have...

loans gpa education scholarships financing

Susanne B.’s Avatar
Susanne B. May 11, 2016 645 views

Which loan is better the subsidized or unsubsidized federal direct loan?

I am a senior who will be graduating in June. I do not really want to take a loan, but I may have to. On my financial aid report it gave me the federal unsubsidized direct loan. financial-aid...


Daniela O.’s Avatar
Daniela O. May 12, 2016 422 views

What is a good reliable website that matches you with scholarships?

I have been accepted to my dream college but seeing the final cost I now see that it will be difficult to attend that school. That is why I am now looking for any type of scholarships. Thank you for your help! college school scholarships majors...


Rebekah S.’s Avatar
Rebekah S. May 13, 2016 684 views

Would it be possible for me to get into medical school if I start out undergrad at a community college?

I was accepted to several respectable undergrad schools that I applied to, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, my family's financial situation has changed this year. If I attended my local community college (I would also be a part of their honor program, which guarantees that my credits...

medicine pre-med