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Paul Gullatte

Director, Advertising and Marketing Compliance
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New York, New York
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Godwin’s Avatar
Godwin Mar 31 393 views

Why is it a bit difficult to get a job immediately after college ?

I need a job urgently

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 12 442 views

How do I prepare my financial stability later on?

I am a 15 year old kid who lives the bronx borough and I want to know how exactly I can prepare for my future.

Jefferson’s Avatar
Jefferson Feb 16 356 views

What was your starting salary and did you get more money later in your job? ?

I just want to now how much I am making to sustain a lifestyle

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Nov 08, 2023 311 views

How did you end up choosing the college/university you went to?

I'm interested in graphic design as a career and have been considering Dunwoody.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 01, 2023 286 views

How did you decide what college to go to?

I am interested in a few colleges but I don’t know which one I would benefit the most from and what community I would most enjoy.

Bagel’s Avatar
Bagel Aug 24, 2023 406 views

How do i pass my classes?

I am a freshman and I'm worried that I might not pass my classes.

Carla’s Avatar
Carla Dec 13, 2022 466 views

Please help me

Hi, I’m a college student and I want to apply for a job online. No experience. Would be my first job ever. Please let me know

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 09, 2022 585 views

What are some red flags about colleges that I should look out for when visiting and applying?

What are some red flags about colleges that I should look out for when visiting and applying?

Dante’s Avatar
Dante Apr 04, 2022 433 views

Does taking not as popular colleges affect your career in the future?

Does taking a city college instead of a state or other private schools have a big impact.

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Nov 06, 2021 648 views

What are some key components to writing an essay for college applications?

#collegeapplications #applyingtocollege #college

Eziyah’s Avatar
Eziyah Nov 02, 2021 486 views

how do stay committed to college and your major?

I am in fear that i’ll lose interest sometime down the road in my career path. what do i do to stay on track? #career #college

Jing’s Avatar
Jing Nov 08, 2021 660 views

Recommendation letter

How do you submit or ask for recommendation letter? #college #college-advice

Jing’s Avatar
Jing Nov 08, 2021 528 views

Apply College

How many colleges should you apply to the maximum? #college

Xanth’s Avatar
Xanth Sep 09, 2021 649 views

What's the best company or college to apply to as an animator?

I know all the big names like Disney hire a small army of animators, but how well do they treat them? Same with Pixar, Dreamworks, or anyone else. Also colleges are a big concern of mine since I want to go to a college that has a good animation program, so my time and effort won't be wasted....

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Aug 02, 2021 529 views

What is this and how will it help and benefit me and the future?

I am here to find more interesting careers so I can choose multiple. #career #college #professional