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San Francisco, California
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I want to be in a 4 year college and earn about business and accounting

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Jing Nov 08, 2021 397 views

Recommendation letter

How do you submit or ask for recommendation letter? #college #college-advice

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Jing Nov 08, 2021 325 views

Apply College

How many colleges should you apply to the maximum? #college

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Jing Nov 03, 2021 220 views

What major is better?

I am a senior in high school. I am going to finish up my college application. I am interestedin accounting and economic major, but also all the UC didn't have accounting. I wonder which one is better. Thank you! #college #college-major #business

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Jing Apr 13, 2021 391 views

How do you find your career and what you want to do?

I am a current Junior and I am going to make my college application. I want to know that how to find a career and I can choose my major to study in. #careers #career-path #career-choice