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Elk River, Minnesota
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Isabella’s Career Goals

I would like to start building a profile for graphic design so I can start with it after high school



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Isabella Nov 08, 2023 313 views

How did you end up choosing the college/university you went to?

I'm interested in graphic design as a career and have been considering Dunwoody.

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Isabella Oct 13, 2023 619 views

Whats the best way to start a portfolio for graphic design?

What would be good things to put in a portfolio?

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Isabella Oct 04, 2023 439 views

What does your average day look like?

Do you work at home, in an office or somewhere else? What are some day to day tasks?

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Isabella Oct 04, 2023 645 views

How sustainable is graphic design as a career?

Is the salary good enough to live off of comfortably