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Khanh N. Jan 18 37 views

What qualifications do I need to study hotel management?

I'm interested in hospitality majors and I want to be a hotel manager in the future. I'd love to study abroad if I can....


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Shannon T. May 18, 2016 735 views

What is the average salary for one pursuing a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management?

I am a high school senior and I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management at Stephen F. Austin State University. I would like to know this question to decide if it is a stable field and that I can support a family in the future with. #management #hospitality #hotel-management...


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lolo L. Jan 08, 2017 995 views

How can I get into the Hotel Industry?

I'm a graduate trying to get into the Hotel Industry and how can I do that? #business #hotel-management #hotels #recent...


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Syed M. Jun 20, 2016 577 views
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tabrez S. May 05, 2016 791 views
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Bailey G. Apr 03, 2016 1693 views

What technical skills and personality traits are best for Hospitality and Management?

Hi, I'm Bailey, from Ottawa, Canada, I'm in 12th grade. I have an assignment for my coop class asking what are a few technical skills and personality traits you should have for your preferred career, which for me is Hospitality and Management- Hotel and Restaurant to be specific. I can think of...

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Amelia S. Jan 11, 2016 1183 views

What should I be doing the summer before entering college?

This next fall I will be entering a college or university into a hospitality program. I would like to take advantage of any opportunities I can this summer, is there anything specific I should be doing to fluff my resume? Or that would be particularly impressive to a company for an internship?...

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