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Career Questions tagged Hotel Management

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Apr 04 188 views

What is the difference in time and energy it takes; comparing the communication and paperwork sides of the job depending on whichever specific job your are apart of?

Im in trade school right now for "Hotel and Lodging", I would like any kind of advice on what i can expect on the job. Thank alot in advanced! I might go specifically for "Spa Manager", or "concierges".

Khanh’s Avatar
Khanh Jan 18, 2021 241 views

What qualifications do I need to study hotel management?

I'm interested in hospitality majors and I want to be a hotel manager in the future. I'd love to study abroad if I can. #hotel-management

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Apr 25, 2017 672 views

What are the duties for someone doing International Marketing int he hotel industry?

Pursuing a degree in International business. #international-business #hotel-management #marketing-strategy

lolo’s Avatar
lolo Jan 08, 2017 1205 views

How can I get into the Hotel Industry?

I'm a graduate trying to get into the Hotel Industry and how can I do that? #business #hotel-management #hotels #recent #graducate

Deepshika’s Avatar
Deepshika Jun 23, 2016 1291 views

I want to hone my culinary skills. what is the best course after 12th to pursue a career in food making.

Interested in cooking but don't know where to start off. #chef #cooking #food #lifestyle #cooking-and-baking #hotel-management #cooking-healthy-meals #personal-development #career-details

Syed’s Avatar
Syed Jun 20, 2016 738 views

I want to make my career in Hotel Management. What are the options available & procedure to enroll for that?

I want to make my career in Hotel Management. What are the options available & procedure to enroll for that? #hotel-management #hotels #hotel-asset-management #hotel-services

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon May 18, 2016 935 views

What is the average salary for one pursuing a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management?

I am a high school senior and I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management at Stephen F. Austin State University. I would like to know this question to decide if it is a stable field and that I can support a family in the future with. #management #hospitality #hotel-management...

tabrez’s Avatar
tabrez May 05, 2016 1053 views


I have completed 10th, so i want to became a hotel manager. #hotel-management

madhu’s Avatar
madhu May 05, 2016 762 views

I want to become a hotel manager. Which course should I take?

I want a high salary. #hotel-management #hotels #hotel-industry

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Apr 03, 2016 1968 views

What technical skills and personality traits are best for Hospitality and Management?

Hi, I'm Bailey, from Ottawa, Canada, I'm in 12th grade. I have an assignment for my coop class asking what are a few technical skills and personality traits you should have for your preferred career, which for me is Hospitality and Management- Hotel and Restaurant to be specific. I can think of...

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jan 11, 2016 1370 views

What should I be doing the summer before entering college?

This next fall I will be entering a college or university into a hospitality program. I would like to take advantage of any opportunities I can this summer, is there anything specific I should be doing to fluff my resume? Or that would be particularly impressive to a company for an internship?...