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What are the duties for someone doing International Marketing int he hotel industry?

Pursuing a degree in International business. #international-business #hotel-management #marketing-strategy

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2 answers

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Christabelle’s Answer

Hi Devetra, coming from a background of writing for hotel marketers for several years. Basically, it's very complex :) so it's a bit of a science. You have to understand where your best guests are coming from, and which distribution channels to use to get them (eg. direct on your website vs. booking.com, which take a big commission and sometimes undercut you), and which pricing strategies you use to increase revenue for the hotel. Hoteliers rely on so many tools to give them the intelligence they need to make these decisions. I'm sure there are courses out there for you, so I'd recommend starting there. But it's a very interesting industry so I suggest you pursue it.

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Christina E.’s Answer

Hello Devetra,

I've not helped a student with this major but this link might help you (What Can I Do With This Major): http://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major/hotel-restaurant-tourism/

Good luck!