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I want to become a hotel manager. Which course should I take?

I want a high salary. #hotel-management #hotels #hotel-industry

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2 answers

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Ghita’s Answer


Some form of advanced schooling is often a requirement to work as a hotel manager. Larger hotel chains that offer a variety of services usually require a bachelor's degree in business or hotel or hospitality management for management trainee positions. Larger upscale establishments may even require a master's degree in hotel administration, marketing, economics...

To experience hotel management i advice you to do some internships in the hotels you're interested in. This will help you find whether you meets your expectations.
You need to be highly detail oriented, able to communicate effectively and excellent at problem-solving and working under pressure.

The average time you need to become a hotel manager is 10 years experience and the salary depends on the geographical location and the hotel chain you're working for !

Wish you best of luck !



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Hector’s Answer

If things have not changed a lot from my student times, your major should be Hospitality Management